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Syrian Singer (Shouter) Asala Nasri Arrested in Beirut


Syrian singer Asala Nasri arrested at Beirut Airport for carrying cocaine. Lebanese authorities are examining whether she carries the 5 grams of the expensive substance in her makeup kit for personal consumption or for trade.

Lebanon is a main hub for drugs in the region and was vital at the beginning of the Syrian crisis to smuggle weapons to terrorists shipped from Libya by the US slain ambassador there Chris Stevens who was killed over one of the shipments. Lebanese member of parliament Oqab Saqr from the current Prime  Minister Hariri bloc also confessed of smuggling blankets, milk and diapers to a number of terrorist groups operating from Erdoganstan, formerly known as Turkey.

She stood against her country after getting Bahrain passport and was used extensively by Gulfies media as a platform against her own people.

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis and since no one important defected from the Syrian state for a long time, the engineers of the crisis were desperately looking for any known face to announce their ‘defection’ from Syria, they ended up using shouters, secondary actors and even AWOL soldiers and cross-border smugglers to show in their media ‘defecting’ from the targeted country.

Worth noting former president late Hafez Assad ordered a special medical surgery for her for free to help her fix a problem with her legs in her early days, her father was a famous singer. She attacked the late president after getting the Gulfies passport for ‘corruption’. Many Syrians and other Arab listeners describe her voice as ambulance siren noise!

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