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Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hijacks Twitter-Feed of Thomson Reuters

Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Thomson Reuters: Propaganda agency the next victim of SEA.

After the hacking group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has hacked such websites like the parody news site “The Onion” as well as such accounts from CBS, BBC, NPR, the Guardian, and the Associated Press on the short messaging service Twitter, the Thomson Reuters’ Twitter feed was the next victim of the Syrian hacking group.

So, the Twitter account of the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, like the Thomson Reuters Corporation describes themselves with pleasure all the time, has been hacked and hijacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and as usual, when the Twitter account of Thomson Reuters was under control of the Syrian hacking ground, they published several illustrations in support of the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

Thereby, they try to deliver the truth about the situation within Syria and in the Syrian conflict, which is in contrast to the usual media propaganda by such news agencies and media and information companies such like CNN, BBC, and the Thomson Reuters Corporation. Of course, some illustration are as helpful as jokes about the weather when having control over a “weather”-account on Twitter as is has recently happened.

Thomson Reuters Corporation is a media and information company with its Headquarters in New York City and thus, not far away from the Headquarters of the United Nations (UN) and several (“other”) U.S. authorities. Well, nobody should then be surprised that the corporation belongs to the circle of Western media propaganda agencies.

The account of the media and financial company Thomas Reuters was suspended yesterday after it became obviously that their account at the short messaging service has been hijacked by the hacking group, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). It seems that the hacking group had the control about the Twitter account (@ThomsonReuters) of the Thomson Reuters Corporation around 3:30 p.m. PT.

With the control about the Twitter account of the Thomson Reuters Corporation, the hacking group has not only published illustrations in support of the Syrian government, but also links to several political cartoon from Arabic cartoon artists in support of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Buzzfeed has published all the used cartoons by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) from the time when the hacking group was in control of the Twitter feed of Thomson Reuters. Of course, the most cartoons are not funny, as it was noted by AllThingsD, but the situation and the conflict within Syria as well as the support of Western and regional powers for violent terrorists and the crap from Arab slums fighting the secular government in Syria’s capital Damascus is, as seen and thus, again proven recently, by the next horrible massacre, carried out by sectarian foreign-backed terrorists in Khan al-Assal near the former economic centre of the Arab nation, Aleppo, also not funny at all for the Syrian people. Facing such crimes, one might probably understand why the members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) are doing what they do.

While it is also to understand why such propaganda media outlets in the West and regional proxy states such as Jordan always spread the disinformation that all members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) would do this in support of the “Syrian regime” and that they were also on the payroll of Damascus.

Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Probably directly receive the endless Syrian Pounds from the hands of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is just not true but useful for the further disinformation spread by such biased media agencies in order to work in support of the Western propaganda and politics against other states to achieve the imperialist plans of several known governments and organisations.

Syria and the Syrian society is under attack since over two years now and the Western governments, the so-called community of values, has as much blood on their hands like the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights organisations such as amnesty international (ai) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have proven that they were either secretly infiltrated by specific people to use such known organisations for the success of propaganda against specific states as it has happened with amnesty international (ai) in recent years, or these organisations were, as it is the case with Human Rights Watch (HRW) already established with such a goal.

Whoever deals with the history about the establishment of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is able to easily put one and one together in regards of the “policies” of this alleged Human Rights organisation in recent years.

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