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Syrian Army Units Seize Two Cars Loaded with Weapons in Homs Countryside


Feb 19, 2013

Homs, (SANA)- Units of the army on Tuesday confiscated two cars loaded with weapons and ammunition and eliminated a number of the terrorists who were smuggling weapons and committing acts of kidnapping and looting in Shamsin area in Homs Countryside.

A military source told SANA that the seized weapons included a number of the anti-tank thermal missiles, rocket launcher, 120 mm mortar shells , 73mm cannon shots, RPG shells and PKC machine gun.

The source added that all the members of the terrorist group were either killed or injured while the armed forces continued to pursuit the terrorists in the areas of al-Boyaida al-Sharqia, al-Amiryia, Tal al-Ghar and Ain Hussein and destroyed a number of their dens.

Terrorists’ Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon Foiled

In the same context, a unit of the armed forces and the border guards foiled the attempt of an armed terrorist group to infiltrate from the Lebanese borders near the site of Idlin in Tal Klakh Countryside as a number of the terrorists were killed and others were injured while some of them returned to the Lebanese territories.


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