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Syrian Army: Terrorists Killed in Daraa

Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)

Syria: Bomb attack foiled in town of Be’er al-Sabil.

According to information about the military operations by the Syrian units in the region of Syria’s Daraa, some units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to inflict heavy losses upon a group of foreign-backed terrorists in the area.

After all the reports and speculations about a possible military intervention and foreign attack on Syria as well as the alleged chemical weapons attacks in recent days, there are at least some positive news on the military operations by the Syrian forces in several regions of the Arab nation.

As stated, units of the Syrian Army managed to inflict heavy losses on a group of foreign-supported terrorists in the countryside of Daraa. The result of the recent clashes between the Syrian forces and the armed terrorist group in the countryside of Daraa were many killed terrorists, while others were wounded.

Another unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was able to prevent a bomb attack in the Syrian town of Be’er al-Sabil. A group of foreign-supported terrorists tried to plant explosive devices in the town of Be’er al-Sabil and to detonate these explosives. However, the soldiers of this Syrian Army unit were able to foil this attempt of the terrorists in the town of Be’er al-Sabil.

The source of the Syrian military said that each explosive device had the weight of 50kg, and the source confirmed that the Syrian army unit has successfully foiled this attempt of the terrorists in Be’er al-Sabil.

In terms of the military operations in the province of Daraa, the military source said that the Syrian units were able to not only kill a large number of terrorists, but also to destroy a bulldozer that belonged to the terrorists. In addition, further armed terrorists were eliminated by the Syrian Army units in several villages and towns in the Syrian province of Daraa. The military source mentioned as examples the towns of Busra al-Sham, Dael and Nawa.

Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)
Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)

Some foreign nationals were again among the number of killed terrorists. This time, an Egyptian terrorist as well as a terrorist from Saudi Arabia were killed in the clashes against the Syrian Army units in the Province of Daraa. According to the statements by the military source, Oday al-Farouqi from Saudi Arabia and Nour-Eddin Soyoufi from Egypt were killed. Beside the elimination of a terrorist called Mohammad al-Dhiya. There is no more information available from Daraa till now.

Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian civilians went on the streets in al-Ghouta in the suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus in order to carry out rallies to show their support for the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The Syrians in al-Ghouta (near Damascus) showed their protest against the foreign-backed terrorists and the use of chemical agents by the terrorist groups against Syrian civilians. In addition, they staged the protest rallies in al-Ghouta today to show they support for the Syrian Army.

A large number of locals from the Syrian villages of Mide’ah and Hush al-Zavahereh villages in the countryside of Syrias capital Damascus ignored the life threats issued by the foreign-backed terrorists and poured to the local streets in order to show their solidarity with the units of the national Syrian Army.

The mentioned Syrian villages of Mida’eh and Hush al-Zavahereh (al-Ghouta) were under the full control of the armed terrorist and jihadist groups for more than a year now.

However, the Syrian army has regained the control of both villages in al-Ghouta just some time ago. No surprise that the locals of Mida’eh and Hush al-Zavahereh want to show their support for the Syrian Army after the horrible occupation by the armed terrorist groups.

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