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Syrian Army kills a number of terrorists in Homs

Syria, Hama

Syrian Army kills a number of terrorists in Homs.

According to recent reports from the Syrian city of Homs, which is located on the Orontes River, the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) were able to inflict heavy losses on the foreign-supported terrorist groups in the last military operations in several districts of the city of Homs yesterday.

The statements of Syrian officials from the army say that the troops of the Syrian army were able to inflict huge losses on the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists during several military operations against the armed groups of terrorists in the Syrian city of Homs as well as in military operations in the countryside of the strategically important city in the west of Syria.

The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have eliminated a number of armed terrorists in several districts of the Syrian city of Homs and were able to secure more ground by the carried out military operations against the foreign-supported terrorist groups.

In other locations in the province of Homs, the operating troops of the Syrian army were able to push back some groups of these violent terrorists and jihadist brigades in further military operations.

Similar to the military operations by the units of the Syrian army in recent weeks, also these recent mop-up operations and the cleansing of the western city of Homs is still a success for the troops of the Syrian army. The foreign-backed terrorist groups in the province of Homs and in their last small and occupied area within Homs city have no real chance anymore.

The situation of the armed terrorist groups is hopeless and some armed militants and terrorists have already surrendered, while others have forgone the armed attempt to gain power in Syria – they laid down their weapons and ran away.

Some intense clashes have been reported from the Syrian capital, Damascus. Yesterday, some heavy clashes have taken place in the Syrian capital Damascus as well as in the countryside of the capital. According to the reports, the intense battles erupted in the district of Barzeh (Damascus) and two other eastern suburbs near the Syrian capital.

Some other reports suggest that a group of armed terrorists were able to gain the control above an ammunition depot of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in Denha, which is located near the Syrian town of Yabroud, in the north of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

So far, it is not sure whether these reports are true but they could be true, of course. However, the ammunition depot in Syrias Denha, near the town of Yabroud, has no real strategically importance and the alleged take-over of this ammunition depot in the north of the Syrian capital Damascus could lead to air strikes by the Syrian air force against the armed terrorist group on site – or the use of heavy artillery against these foreign-supported criminals with their sectarian rage and all the uneducated fools between their ranks.

The successful military operations of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in recent weeks since the liberation of al-Qusayr near the Syrian border to Lebanon (with the help of fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah) from the armed terrorist groups and the cutting off of many supply routes for the terrorists have led to a situation in which Qatar has mainly withdrawn from its role as main backer of the terrorists and criminals from Arab jailhouses and slums – and even the Saudi Prince from the House of Saud, the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, seems willing to find a way out of his role as main sponsor and arms supplier for the violent and sectarian criminals and terrorists on Syrian soil.

Syria, Hama
Syria, Hama

Only Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, seems still interested to maintain the bloodshed in Syria, beside some other Western governments, the Israeli regime and Washington, of course. The proxy king in Jordan still does what his sponsors in the United States want him to do. And because it has never been mentioned, Oman isn`t that bad. The royal family and especially the king of Oman is interested in peace and has no intentions to support armed terrorists and jihadists.

It is just the situation that Oman has no real ability to counter the orders of the Arab league or the Gulf States at the coast. Oman has always to sing small when being faced with the orders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to secure its situation within the borders and to prevent a situation in which Oman, the gay king and the people in Oman could be “faced with problems”. Some say the leadership in Oman has no balls, while others say they just act smart in the face of such violent totalitarian dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the region.

However, the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has inflicted heavy losses on the armed terrorist groups in and around the city of Homs yesterday. Further, other units of the Syrian army were able to eliminate several armed jihadists and terrorists in the countryside of Latakia, Hama, and Tartous.

In addition, some terrorists have been eliminated in the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab), in the north of Syria. The military operations of the units of the Syrian army continue after the annual Army’s Day and the visit of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the town of Daraya near the Syrian capital Damascus in order to set a sign and to inspect the soldiers there in the course of the celebrations of Syria’s annual Army’s Day some days ago.

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  1. Arklight

    Oman’s king must have heard the old American saying that, ‘If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.’ Turkey’s in a bad spot. Turkey is, more or less, joined at the groin with the US through NATO commitment, and the vast volumes of American monopoly money required to maintain the permanent American military presence in country; the other side is that Turkey has figured out by now that any stable sectarian country in the region is a target for Muslim Brother hood, Al Qaida, and various and sundry other bands of thugs and ne’er do wells. Should Syria fall, is Turkey next (as a bridge to Europe)? Maybe Lebanon would be next, with its seacoast and ports, but Turkey would definitely be on a list of ‘who’s next?’ In my opinion, any country dependent upon the US is doomed. That includes the US.

    • Canthama

      Yep, it does seem there is a larger than ME issue with Syria or down with Assad vs Democracy etc… Turkey and Russia are centuries old rivals all around the black sea and Caucasus, and with the known Russian support to Syria for many years, Turkey seems to feel that it is time for them to try more influence with the countries in the old Ottoman Empire, so conflict with Russia is a given toward this Turkish objective. We will see how this will all play after SAA taking back all Syria.

      • Arklight

        Hi, Canthama,

        I respectfully submit that both Russia and Turkey have matured enough to understand that the hereditary pissing contest between them is counterproductive to both. Putting myself in (what I suspect are) Turkey’s thoughts, I’d let the Middle East exhaust itself in internecine warfare, while concentrating upon Europe. Neither Charlemagne nor Count Vlad are any longer with us, and Europe does have a burgeoning Muslim population. I’d be tempted to play the card of Islam, without specificity as to sect; stir the pot, quietly, and guage my opportunities from there. Meantime, the ME and North Africa are busily killing off anyone who might object to an invited ‘protection’ by a stable and well armed State, which shared (in broad terms) the same primary faith. I would be far more concerned about Iran, which is at least as well armed, and fears no one; with any luck, and a good stir of the pot, MB and Al Qaida might try to stifle Iran and, if not successful, no matter because the Persians are not Arabs anyway, are picking fights with no one, and have no ambition to re-establish the Persian Empire in a de jure sense, but is quietly making progress toward an economic – – um – – ‘close affiliation’ with several heavy hitters. Not ‘Conquest through Purchase’, the Red Chinese model, but more Conquest by Contract. Much more flexible in terms of possible need to contract as may be required, or to expand as opportunities may be presented from time to time. Smart. Very Smart.


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