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Syrian Army: Complete Liberation of Homs is Imminent


Syrian Army units remove terrorists from Homs.

The complete liberation of the Syrian city of Homs is now just a question of time. After the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has made further progress over the last weekend and the units of the Syrian army were able to gain more grounds after intense battles and the horrible urban warfare against the foreign-backed terrorists, the liberation of all districts of Homs from the armed terrorist groups is just a matter of time, as it seems now.

Even after the subtraction of the usual propaganda within the reports by the Syrian side about the situation in the city of Homs, the reports and information from sources on site tell a successful story about the latest military operations by the Syrian units against the foreign-supported terrorist groups in and around the Syrian city of Homs.

According to an army officer, who spoke with a Syrian TV station yesterday, the Syrian command plans the complete liberation of the city of Homs from the foreign-supported terrorists and the several groups of the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot (Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front) within hours. In addition, it seems that intense battles and clashes took place in the city of Homs last night.

The main gathering points of the terrorist groups in the northern city of Homs will be exterminated within the next 48 to 72 hours, according the information given by the Syrian command.

The Syrian city of Homs is the third largest city of the Arab nation and is located about 165 kilometres away (in the north) from the Syrian capital, Damascus. The city of Homs is a strategically important city in Syria, of course.

The so-called “Battle of Homs” has been very important from its beginning for the outcome of the foreign-backed war within the country. Homs was formerly called the “capital of revolution” by the Western propaganda media and indeed, many foreign-supported jihadists and terrorist were able to occupy several areas of Homs.

But as stated here already, the terrorist groups are on the street of looser since some weeks and many areas of the Syrian city of Homs have already been liberated from the violent terrorist forces that are still supported by Western and regional powers / proxy states.

The city of Homs has long been held by the terrorists but this is history now. After the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have regained the control of several areas near the Syrian border to Lebanon and were able, also with the help of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, to cut off a lot of supply routes for the smuggling of weapons and ammunition from the “March 14 areas” (Hariri thugs / dangerous sectarian gunmen) in Lebanon into the hands of the jihadists and terrorists on Syria soil, the terrorists joined the loser generation and many of these foreign-supported fighters, mercenaries, and gunmen were removed in the area at the border to the neighbouring country of Lebanon.

In early July, the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) started to gain ground in the important city of Homs and the carried out military operation had a lot of success. The units of the Syrian army were even able to gain ground more quickly than expected in and around of the city of Homs, although the urban warfare within the Syrian city was and is not only a slow progress but also horrible for the Syrian soldiers, who show a lot of honour and strength of will in their fights against the armed terrorist groups.

Car explosion in Waar residential neighborhood in Homs killed 6 & injured over 30 civilians
Car explosion in Waar residential neighborhood in Homs killed 6 & injured over 30 civilians

The upcoming liberation of Homs, which is finally to believe now after the propaganda by several Syrian media and Facebook pages about a “liberation of Homs” in 2012, is an important strategic success by the Syrian army and for the secular Syrian government in the capital, Damascus. Not only on the moral side, but also as a sign about the progress of the Syrian forces against the foreign-supported gunmen and terrorists in direction of all the terrorist and war backers abroad and even within the country.

In addition, the regional supporters of the armed terrorist forces on Syrian soil should already wrap up well because when all the terrorists are finally eliminated and the security is restored in the most areas of Syria, some totalitarian dictatorships and “best friends of the West”, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, will be in a situation in which they might face increasing problems. It is probably about time to implement democracy in Saudi Arabia. The suppressed people of the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia deserve more personal freedom and democracy, don’t they?

The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) make an impressive progress in and around the city of Homs as stated, but also in several other important areas and cities of Syria.

Meanwhile, even the control about the important highway between the former economic centre of Aleppo and the capital Damascus, which links the north and south of Syria, is almost completely restored by the Syrian army.

In addition, even the Damascus-Tartus (Tartous) highway and the road between the Syrian capital Damascus and Baghdad are said to be soon again under the complete control of the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

As mentioned above and according to the statements made by a higher Syrian official of the Syrian army, the complete liberation of the city of Homs from the armed terrorist forces is just a matter of time and it is even to expect that the last armed rats in Homs are removed from Syrian soil within the next 50 – 90 hours.

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  1. Peterson

    You should not let any foreign fighters escape from there. There is no need of mercy for people who interfere in other people’s affairs.

    • Arklight

      I’ll sail for that: a couple days of enhanced interrogation, a ham sandwich, then a bullet in the ear. Works for me.

  2. call of duty

    i hope and i pray that all those terrorists are captured and those that escaped should go to usa to continued there mission from there asshole

  3. Canthama

    After two years of gains and losses, it is refreshing to see SAA’s reconquering strategy implemented with calm and persistence. From the Damascus stronghold toward the strategic Al Qusayr and now Homs/Hamah, SAA is cutting, slowly, key re supply routes to the terrorists, once Al Qusayr/Homs/Hamah/Tartus/Latakia secured and protected by civilian militants under the Syrian Government, then will be time to cut another re supply route to the terrorists which passes by Idlib to mount the final blow which will Aleppo. This will be bloody and long lasting battle, the terrorists have free supply routes from several Turkey crossing boarder and will be tough for SAA. The Syrian government has to mke sure re conquered cities and territories are kept free of terrorists so to prevent counter attacks from the back door on SAA on Aleppo siege. Patience is the name of the game, the odds are favoring SAA and meanwhile Al Qaeda is under pressure in Iraq while Hizbollah is blocking re supply routes form Lebanon.


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