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syrian army drusha damascus

Syria: Damascus and its countryside.

Syria: Army regained control about strategic town near Damascus.

The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) were able to regain the control of the strategic town of Drusha near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Yesterday, several units of the Syrian army have regained the control of the Syrian town of Drusha in the countryside of the capital Damascus after intense clashes with the foreign-backed terrorist groups in the area near Damascus.

However, the Syrian army units were again successful in this targeted military operation to regain the control of the strategically important town of Drusha in the countryside of Damascus and the Syrian forces have then restored the security in the strategically important town near the capital.

In addition, the fierce battles against the foreign-supported terrorist groups in the area near the Syrian capital have inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists. Many armed terrorists and jihadists were killed by the Syrian Arab army (SAA) near and in the Syrian town of Drusha in the countryside of Damascus.

Other armed terrorists were forced to flee from the Syrian town after it became clear that the Syrian units will be successful to regain the control about the area and to implement security in the town of Drusha.

However, many terrorists were eliminated and others wounded in the fierce battles against these terrorists groups. The local units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) are currently conducting several cleansing operations and further mop-op operations in order to really clean the Syrian town of Drusha and its surroundings from all armed gunmen and jihadists.

After a troop of the Syrian army had noticed a group of armed terrorists near the Syrian town of Drusha, the Syrian soldiers of this unit have immediately attacked the terrorist group, while these armed terrorists were trying to enter the area of the town of Drusha in order to then move forward to penetrate into the capital, Damascus.

Syrian Soldier: We eliminate them all.

According to further information by the Syrian military, several units of the Syrian armed forces are currently in the orchards that surround Khan al-Sheeh.

Khan al-Sheeh is one of the important strongholds of the armed terrorists in this area of the countryside of Damascus and some call it even the most important stronghold of the foreign-backed terrorists around Damascus.

A Syrian soldier further said that armed terrorists are trying to infiltrate the Syrian town of Drusha every day and the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) confront these armed jihadists and terrorists every single day and inflict heavy losses on them while the terrorist groups are pushed back by these confrontations with the army units.

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The Syrian soldiers of a local army unit of the Syrian forces also said that they “promise them every time they come closer they will suffer great losses” and that the Syrian army units in the area of the countryside of Damascus “will eliminate them all.”

The strategically importance of the Syrian town of Drusha is easy to explain. This Syrian town in the countryside of Damascus is located on the top of a hill and this gives the town the mentioned strategic importance as it overlooks the surrounding areas. Such positions are always a benefit in every conflict and war for the side, which has the control about such a strategically position on a hill or mountain.

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  1. Ivan88

    They have to TAKE the town AGAIN?!!! What is wrong with the Syrians?!!!
    They refused to listen to advice to arm the Syrian people as the Swiss do.
    Instead they rely on the army like Syria did in the days of the first conquest.

    If the Syrian people were armed, the US/Israeli/Turk/Saudi terrorists could not
    walk into a town and simply take over.

    That the Syrian government has left the Syrian people helpless shows that they are
    listening to bad advice, or have no faith in the Syrian people or ……….

    • M. Klostermayr

      yes.. they made serveral mistakes and some were really a setback since the beginning of this conflict.. and I guess there are reasons why the army is pushing forward since some weeks but did not in the first year and so on. important questions and the answers will not be liked by many supporters of this government.


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