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syria turkish party terrorists kill syrians on behalf of the west

The Independent Turkey Party (BTP) stressed that the armed terrorist groups in Syria are committing murders on behalf of the western countries. 282990_330151117100255_1598747296_n

In an article published in the Turkish newspaper of ” Yeni Mesaj”, the party highlighted that there are large numbers of Turkish persons are involved in crimes in Syria.

The party added that those persons who call themselves jihadists are killing people in Syria because the Syrians refused to submit to the dictations of the USA.

It noted that the USA, the Western countries and the Turkish government tasked al-Qaeda terrorist organization with the killing of the Syrian people on behalf of the USA and to serve the interests of Israel.

“The ‘Liberation Party’ in Turkey is sending Turkish youths to take part in the killing acts according to Fatwas issued by British sides”, the added, indicating that “A former Minister in the PKK said that about 3 thousand Turkish persons are participating in the fighting in Syria within al-Qaeda, which has about 10 thousand fighters in Syria.”

The party mocked the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu who denied that there are Turkish soldiers in Syria, adding that the names of Turkish soldiers who participated in the fighting in Syria were submitted, in an accountability memo, to the parliament by the opposition.

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