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The Secret Document that Reveals Saudi Arabia Authorities Releasing Prisoners Sentenced to Death in Exchange for Fighting in Syria

IMPORTANT: The secret document reveals Saudi Arabia authorities releasing prisoners sentenced to death in exchange for fighting in Syria. Official secret document shows that Saudi Arabia authorities ordered the release of a group of the most dangerous criminals condemned to death in exchange going to fight in Syria. These most dangerous criminals were trained and then sent for a Jihad in Syria. The document is an exemption for the following prisoners and what nationality:

·        105 Yemenis

·        21 Palestinians  

·        212 Saudi

·        96 Sudanese

·        254 Syrian

·        82 Jordanian

·        68 Somalis

·        32 Afghans

·        194 Egypt

·        203 Pakistanis

·        23 Iraqis

·        44 Kuwaitis




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