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syria the contradictory stories about helfaia and gunmen put bread on the blood

“The contradictory stories about Helfaia and gunmen “put bread on the blood

After the big contradiction of the news about what happened in Hlfaia town of Hama countryside yesterday, a video was published on the social networking site “Facebook”, shows the “manipulation” of some unknowns in the place where tens of the victims were fallen died.

The video that was published on the coordination opponent pages on Facebook, photos one of the persons saying “on the blood , on the blood” and put a loaf of bread above a spot of existence blood on the ground, to support the story that talks about “Syrian Army targets a bakery in the town”

While the probable story is an explosion inside the bakery regarding the damages that was shown in the video tab that focus on the building damages as a result of an interior press which means an interior explosion, and that denied the rocket theory in the building

The story of the opponents was versus the published information by Sana News Agency stressing that “the armed men committed a crime on the families of Hlfai, and the victims were women and children” noting that the tab shows the existence of the gunmen too.

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