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syria terrorists sarin missiles

For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.

Syria: President al-Assad thanked Russia for supporting Syria facing a “savage attack.”

Syrian security officials have confirmed that the terrorists groups on Syrian soil have locally manufactured ground-to-ground rockets (land-to-land rockets) and that the foreign-backed terrorists have also produced Sarin, while the Syrian President thanked Russia for the help in a new statement from today.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad welcomed the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in Damascus today.

After the meeting between the Syrian President and the Russian Minister today, the President of Syria said that he thanks Russia for the support and that the Syrian government “highly value the Russian stance towards Syria” because such stands as shown by Russia during the ongoing Syrian conflict would raise the “hope for a new roadmap for the world power balance.” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thanked Russia for the support and the help for Syria, which faces a “savage attack” by foreign-backed Islamists.

As mentioned, some security officials from Syria have in the meantime confirmed that the armed terrorist groups in Syria have locally built land-to-land rockets (ground-to-ground missiles) and they have also produced Sarin nerve agent. These statements by the security sources from Syria come in the wake of the UN report by the inspectors about the use of chemical weapons in areas of the countryside of Damascus.

One of the security officials from Syria said that he is able to reject it by hundred percent that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) used chemical weapons agents.

The Syrian security official pointed out that there is indeed no justification to resort to chemical weapons because they are “achieving victories on the ground,” and thus, there is also no need to resort to chemical weapons in the battles against the foreign-backed terrorist groups. The security official from Syria added that “those who resort to this weapon is the defeated party who have reached the point of suicide.”

Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.
Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian security official also confirmed that the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) make progress in all areas and regions of Syria and that the military operations “are going according to the plan.” However, there are some reasonable doubts about this statement.

Afterwards, this source has underlined that the armed terrorist groups on Syrian soil have already manufactured ground-to-ground rockets and that it is very likely that these terrorists have filled these “land-to-land rockets” with Sarin nerve gas. Not to mention that the production of Sarin is in principle not difficult.

Actually, the production of Sarin is, in case a person has a bit of knowledge about chemistry, very easy. The security official from Syria made the statement about the “land-to-land rockets” (he certainly means ground-to-ground rockets) and that it is likely that the terrorists filled these rockets with Sarin in reference to the chemical weapons attack in the area of al-Ghouta (Damascus countryside) on August 21.

Afterwards, the Syrian security agent said that foreign-supported terrorists would perfectly know how to mount such a material on the warheads of the missiles. The Syrian official added that these terrorists have received training “at the hands of the US, British and French intelligence experts who are working with them on the ground”.

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  1. Arklight

    You know, I know it, everybody who participates in the forum knows it, heck, the US and UN know it, the EU knows it, NATO knows it but who what? Obama has his orders, and the missiles will fly.


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