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syria terrorists killed vehicles destroyed in several areas mp brother killed

Terrorists Killed, Vehicles Destroyed in Several Areas
Jan 17, 2013

PROVINCES, SANA_ Units of the Armed Forces killed and injured a number of terrorists in Mleiha, Douma farms, Harasta and Daraya in Damascus Countryside.
In Daraya, units of the Armed Forces foiled terrorists’ attmpt to detonate tens of explosive devices, whose weights exceeded 30 kg, in al-Shariydeh Square.
The army clashed with terrorists in the same area and killed many of them, including Mutafa al-Nabhan and Mowafaq Freih.
An official source told SANA reporter that the army killed a number of terrorist groups’ leaders in al-Mleiha town, including terrorist Fajr Abu Shehab, a leader of the so-called “Ansar al-Islam” group, Ibrahim al-Beqaei, Haidar Batiyeh, Hassan Hamed and terrorist Salem Jasem Ramadan.
The source added that the Armed Forces also carried out several operations against terrorists in Douma farms and Harasta in Eastern Ghouta, killing terrorists Othman Haddad, Suleiman Tabajo, Majed al-Halabi, Fares Sbeih, Ahmad Na’anous and Rateb al-Nasser.
A unit of Armed forces destroyed in a qualitative operation a terrorist hideout in al-Zabadani in Damascus Country side, including machineguns and rifles.
An official source told SANA reporter that the unit destroyed a tourist car which the terrorists used to transport weapons and ammunitions, in addition to eliminating a number of terrorists.
Terrorists Ali Dahboul and Ahmed Hassan al-Kwaifee were indentified among the dead.
Terrorists Assassinate Brother of MP Khalid Al Aboud 
In the framework of targeting national cadres, an armed terrorist group on Thursday assassinated Colonel Engineer, Walid al-Abboud, the brother of Member of Parliament, Khaled al-Abboud.

The MP, Khaled alAbboud, said to SANA reporter that terrorists opened fire on his brother in front of his house in Qatana while he was on his way to his work causing his immediate martyrdom.

The martyr Abboud was born in 1964. He is married with three children, two girls and a boy.

The Army eliminates terrorists in Aleppo and its Countryside

Units of the armed forces today destroyed a number of terrorists’ dens, weapons and cars used to target the citizens in Aleppo and its countryside.

An official source told SANA that during the army’s operations, four cars equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed, many terrorists killed in Rasm al-Aboud, Koweris, Daret Ezza and Byanoun in Aleppo Countryside.

The source added that other Army units eliminated a number of terrorists at Dahrat al-Ghani in al-Nakareen, Bustan al-Basha and Jisr al-Hajj in Aleppo.

Meanwhile, the army killed several terrorists and injured many others in Masaken Hananou, al-Lermon and Kadi Askar.    

Armed Forces Seize Stolen Gasoline and Money
A unit of Armed Forces seized 54 barrels of gasoline loaded in 4 cars and 395,000 SYP were stolen by terrorists from Syrian fuel company, Sadcop, Aleppo Brach in Khan al-Assal area.
An official source told SANA reporter that the Armed Forces confiscated the stolen goods after a clash with the terrorists where heavy losses inflicted upon them.
Armed Forces Restore Security to Zor Abi Zaid Region, Hama Countryside
A military source on Thursday announced Zor Abi Zaid as a safe area after the elimination of the armed terrorist groups and destroying all their dens there.
In a statement to SANA reporter, the source said that units of our armed forces restored stability and security to the region after a series of operations carried out against the terrorists which resulted in killing and injuring all gunmen.
The source called on citizens to return to their homes. 
In the same context, the source pointed out that our armed forces have foiled terrorists’ attempt to blow up a number of improvised explosive devices at Halfaya bridge in Hama countryside.
Army Targets Terrorists’ Gathering in Idleb Countryside
A unit of the Armed Forces targeted terrorists’ gathering near Taftanaz town in Idleb countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons and vehicles.
In relevant context, another army unit clashed with terrorists who were attacking passers-by and passengers near Ariha bridge, killing and injuring many of them.

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