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Terrorists Fire Rocket Shells on Aleppo University and Bani Zaid Area, Causing Casualties

Terrorists Fire Rocket Shells on Aleppo University and Bani Zaid Area, Causing Casualties
Jan 15, 2013

ALEPPO, (SANA) – A terrorist group on Tuesday fired two rocket shells from al-Lairamoun area on Aleppo University, causing casualties and material damage.
An official source told SANA that the rocket shells caused the death and the injury of a number of students on the first day of exams.
It added that there were also causalities among displaced people whose areas were affected by the terrorist acts and who are staying at the University dormitory.
In a relevant context, SANA reporter was informed that terrorists fired two rocket shells on Bani Zaid area in the city, with the initial information indicating victims and injuries among the citizens.

Minister of Higher Education.. President al-Assad gives directives to Rehabilitate what has been destroyed in Aleppo University, Exams suspended on Wednesday

Minister of Higher Education Mohammad Yahya Mu’ala said that President Bashar al-Assad gave directives to rehabilitate, as soon as possible,  what has been destroyed in Aleppo university at the hands of the terrorist killers today.

Mu’ala added that the President gave his instructions to rehabilitate what has been destroyed in Aleppo University as soon as possible to ensure the process of the education and exams at the university, and rehabilitate all universities and institutions affected and damaged at the hands of terrorism which targets Syria and its people.

” The Ministry issued a decision to suspend study and exams at the Syrian universities on Wednesday to mourn the souls of the students martyrs of Aleppo university who were assassinated at the hands of low terrorists today,” Mu’ala added.  



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