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Terrorists Attack Aleppo Electricity Company Workers in al-Lairamoun

Terrorists Attack Aleppo Electricity Company Workers in al-Lairamoun
Jan 13, 2013

ALEPPO, (SANA) -An  armed terrorist group attacked a number of workers at Aleppo Electricity Company while they were fixing defects caused to  high voltage pillars due to sabotage acts by terrorists in al-Lairamoun area in Aleppo city.

Asource in the province told SANA that the terrorist group opened fire on the maintenance workers once they started fixing the defects to restore electricity supply to al Khalidiya, al-Ashrafiya and al-Lairamoun power stations, causing the injury of a worker.

Aleppo Electricity  Company workshops were continually exposed to terrorist attacks as they were targeted in the past few months more than seven times during defect repair works,  which resulted in the injury of a number of workers and the abduction of others.

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