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syria syrian students abroad continue activities to expose terrorists crimes in syria

Jan 02, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syrian students in Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Cuba, Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Belgium and other countries continue to organize activities to show their support for Syria in the face of the conspiracies and unjust sanctions targeting Syria.
Through marches, forums, statements, seminars and others solidarity events, Syrian students abroad show their rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and their condemnation of terrorists who commit heinous crimes of murder and vandalism in Syria and those who support terrorists with weapons and funds.

The students continue to laude the positions of the friendly countries that support Syria in the face of terrorism such as Russia, China, Iran and the BRICS group.
Heads of branches of the National Union of Syrian Students made statements to SANA, including Ahmad Khaddour, head of the branch in Czech Republic, who affirmed that solidarity campaigns will continue to prove to the world that Syrian youth will always stand up to the conspiracies and hostile plots targeting Syria.
He said that these activities help relay the truth about the terrorism targeting Syria and the campaigns of misdirection carried out by channels who are accomplices in shedding Syrian blood.
In turn, head of the Spain branch Wael Arabi said that the students will continue activities to uncover the crimes of terrorists who target citizens and public and private establishments and properties.
For his part, head of the Russia branch Nawaf Ibrahim said that solidarity events constitute messages to all countries that fund terrorism, saying that Syrian students and youths stand fast alongside their countries and that pressure will only make Syrians more determined to defend their homeland.
H. Sabbagh

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