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Syria: Syrian Opposition uses Chemical Weapons, Backed by US and NATO

Syrian Opposition uses Chemical Weapons, Backed by US and NATO

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
Well congratulations Messrs. Obama, Cameron and Hollande, and your Foreign Department sidekicks Hillary Clinton, Laurent Fabius and William Hague. Your terrorists in Syria have managed to use chemical weapons against government forces, something you were warning President Assad against doing. Well, well, how the tables turn.
As outed in this column several times, the attempts by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) to blame the Syrian government for using chemical or biological weapons were thwarted, attempts made by these three terrorist-supporting pariahs in the international community to justify yet another illegal invasion for almost a year now. The sequel to the story is that their sweet pet terrorists have used chemical weapons, not the Government.
Remember “Obama” as he addressed “Assad”? Warning him not to use chemical weapons? Well he didn’t. The only thing the Syrian Armed Forced were doing was moving chemical weapons out of the reach of the FUKUS Axis backed terrorist forces. So let us now address “Obama” and turn his words against him and ask him now how he feels in the light of the following piece of breaking news. In fact let us go further and ask his bedpals, Hollande and Cameron.
Syrian military sources confirmed on Saturday that Syrian terrorist forces recognized by the governments of the three FUKUS Axis pariah states as the representatives of the Syrian people have used chemical weapons against government forces in Daraya, near the capital city of Syria, Damascus.
So the question now is whether Obama, Cameron and Hollande will continue to support the terrorist chemical weapon users or whether they will rethink their Syria strategy. More probably, they will deny such an attack happened and will send an army of cybernauts out to hack newspapers such as this. It is called freedom of expression after all.
The commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard confirmed to PressTV that seven Syrian soldiers were murdered by the Free Syrian Army terrorist forces on Saturday using a chemical weapon which produced a yellow toxic gas. The seven soldiers died within an hour of inhaling the gas deployed by terrorists supported by the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom, according to the source.
In recent days the terrorists supported by the FUKUS Axis have repeatedly threatened to deploy such weapons and to contaminate all the drinking water flowing to Alawite Shia. Such ba threat was backed up by a video placed on you tube which showed these terrorists torturing rabbits with water contaminated with a substance which saw them die within minutes.
When will the so-called western “democracies” hold their evil regimes accountable for supporting terrorists which in turn use chemical weapons in Syria?

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