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Syrian Army Triumphs in the Fields of Aleppo and Homs

Units of Syrian Army has achieved field earnings from Free Army militia in Aleppo and Homs and the martyrdom of a colonel in Homs, as militants shell a neighborhood in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army has enabled to kill about 30 armed men during fierce armed conflicts with Free Army militia and has achieved great advances in the Market neighborhood, while it takes control over residential buildings that were used by members of Free Army

Reporter in Homs says that “members of Free Army have blasted an explosive device claiming the martyrdom of the colonel Emad al-Abed and 4 of his members where the blast occurs near the colonel’s car in Jobber neighborhood in the middle of the ancient city

Heavy clashes take place between Syrian Army and armed militia in Qusair claiming the death of 37 insurgents in the eastern area of the Buedah

Free Army militia shells Aleppo and Syrian Army advances
Militants of Free Army have shelled a mortar shell on one of the residential buildings in front of al-Noor institute of al-Telal area and  reporter in Aleppo assures that the shell has not caused victims and the correspondent assures the News that talk about the Syrian Army’s closing to take control over al-Zebdieh neighborhood in the west of Aleppo, in addition to achieving strategic earnings

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