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syria syrian army takes back lead

Syrian Army Takes Back Lead

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed that the Syrian army took back the lead on the ground, noting that the foreign-backed armed groups suffered severe blows.

On the settlement in Syria, Assad said that the US was “not ready for the solution,” asserting that the Geneva agreement was the only way to solve the ongoing crisis.

The Syrian leader added that Russia would go on with its support to Damascus, “since it is defending itself rather than a regime in Syria,” Almanar reported.

Lebanese daily, al-Akhbar, quoted Assad’s visitors as saying that the president was comfortable while carrying out his daily activities in Rawda castle in Damascus.

“One man who had a three-hour meeting with Assad was surprised that the Syrian President meets many of the visitors in his Damascus’ Rawda castle. His team carries out its work as usual,” the daily said.

“On the personal level the man (Assad) is calm and solid, his satisfaction and confidence are noticeable. Yet, knowing information like that his wife, Asmaa, is pregnant, cannot be described as a personal and simple issue,” al-Akhbar quoted the visitor as saying.

“The Syrian army took back the lead on the ground as it secured important achievements which will be announced soon. The army prevented the militants from completely controlling Syria’s provinces, hence the armed groups’ court was still in Turkey, Jordan and somewhat Lebanon,” the visitor quoted Assad as saying, adding that the army was dealing with some pockets in Damascus countryside.

The daily said that Assad stressed that Syria would remain cooperative with the UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.

“Assad visitors said Brahimi suggested diplomatically that the Syrian leader steps down in the transitional period, saying that any president in that time will be without real authority. However, Assad cut the road off Brahimi and told him in his own way that what will decide the solution direction in Syria is the situation on the ground which is being better day after another in favor of the regime,” the daily added.

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