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Syria: Syrian Army arrests 4 Turkish pilots officers in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army continued its advancing yesterday of smashing the armed groups in all the axises resulting heavy losses in souls and equipment, where Damascus International airport  has become totally safe. 
According to al-Watan Newspaper, units of Syrian Army continued its chasing to the armed men in the towns of the eastern Gouta, killed a lot of them and injured others, while the rest escaped. Information assured that Damascus International Airport is one hundred percent safe.

Units of Syrian Army demolished dens and gathering points of the gunmen in al-Tadamon neighborhood in the south of Damascus, Yelda and Babila towns and al-Hajar al-Aswad neighborhood of Damascus countryside causing a lot of killed or wounded insurgents, according to sources of al-Watan.

Other sources, enabled of getting out of al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, said that the clashes between the armed men and the Palestinian public committees continue .
During the last days, the phenomena of kidnapping the citizens has been aggravated in many areas of Damascus countryside for the purpose of demanding  ransom. The sources mentioned that Ain Mnin town have witnessed three states of kidnapping in recent time.
In Aleppo, protection elements of the Kweris military  airport have arrested 4  Turkish pilots officers accompanied with gunmen group during their infiltrating to the airport, what improves the clear involvement of turkey in transit from managing the battle through the operation rooms to contributing in it directly
Syrian Air Weapon launched a raid over a big number of the insurgents inside the building of the directorate of Finance in al-Sfera city, which resulted in the death of 100 gunmen most of them are from al-Nusra Front
In al-Rastan area of Homs countryside, a unit of Syrian Army target several of armed groups, which resulted in more than 100 armed men  killed and wounded

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