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syria syria news 13 12 2012 children and women martyred in a car bomb al qaeda claims responsibility

 Syria News 13.12.2012, Children and Women Martyred in a Car Bomb, Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility
*Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Completely Denies Rumors about Syrian Arab Army Using Scud Missiles against Armed Terrorist Groups
* Syria Concerned Over US Postponement of Nuclear-free Middle East Conference
* A Number of Citizens, including Children and Women, Martyred, in Car Bomb Explosions in Qatana and Jdeidet al-Fadl
* Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra Claims Responsibility for Wednesday Terrorist Attacks on Interior Ministry Building
* Chinese, Iranian and Russian officials stressed the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria by peaceful means and without foreign interference in the Syrian affairs
* Armed Forces Target Terrorists Gatherings, Kill Scores of Them in Aleppo Countryside
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