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Syria and Iran Sign $1 Billion Credit Facility Agreement and Seven Contracts on Energy Transmission

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Syria, Iran Sign $ 1 Billion Credit Facility Agreement and Seven Contracts on Energy Transmission
Jan 16, 2013

TEHRAN, (SANA) – Syria and Iran on Wednesday signed a USD 1 billion line of credit facility agreement between the Commercial Bank of Syria and the Export Development Bank of Iran.
Other seven contracts on energy transmission and electric equipment were also signed during the concluding of bilateral talks between the Syrian and Iranian sides in Tehran.
Heading the Syrian delegation, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that Syria is facing a global war to divert it from its national stances and undermine the axis of resistance in the region.
He noted that the powers hostile to Syria have failed to achieve its goals and Syria is going ahead to achieve security and stability, launch dialogue and the national reconciliation and build Syria depending on its capacities and the support of its friends.
The Premier hailed the importance of the outcomes of this visit in enhancing cooperation between the two countries, expressing gratitude to Iran for its efforts to support the Syrian people in their development process and against terrorism.
For his part, Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, who headed the Iranian side to the meeting, condemned the terrorist attacks against the innocents in Syria which were carried out by armed terrorist groups backed by regional and international countries.
He denounced the terrorist bombing in Aleppo University on Tuesday and offered condolences to the martyrs’ families.
Iran’s First Vice President stressed that Iran will always support Syria and the steadfastness of the Syrian people on all levels and under all circumstances.
Rahimi reiterated his country’s support to the political program to solve the crisis in Syria as it constitutes the objective and direct basis to get out of the crisis through national dialogue and political means.
He expressed confidence in the ability of the Syrian people to achieve victory, overcome the current circumstances and restore security and stability.
In a statement to SANA correspondent, Minister of Electricity, Imad Khamis, said that the contracts included 50 million Euros to establish a power generation plant in the Syrian Coastal region with a total capacity of 650 megawatts.
He added that the plant will depend on fuel and gas for operation and the Iranian side will fund its establishment.
Minister Khamis said that around USD 500 million of the Iranian loan were allocated for electricity sector, indicating that Syria agreed with Iranian Mabna Engineering and Construction Company on several investment projects, including investment in wind power.
On exchanging power with Iran, he said that the Iranian side will coordinate with Iraq to carry out the project of transmitting electricity to Syria and overcome obstacles hindering it.
In a relevant context, Premier al-Halqi and Ali Saeedlou, Deputy President of Islamic Republic of Iran, reviewed the outcome of talks held between the two countries with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations in a way that serves the aspirations of their peoples.
Saeedlou stressed his country’s commitment to continue its support to the Syrian people, calling for speeding up procedures to deliver the aid, particularly in the financial, economic, energy and oil derivatives sectors.
Larijani: Iran is Committed to Provide All Forms of Support to Enhance Syria’s Steadfastness
Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, stressed the importance of the political program which was launched by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria,  voicing Iran’s support  to solve the crisis on the basis of dialogue and political and democratic means.

In a meeting with Premier al-Halqi and the accompanying delegation, Larijani expressed Iran’s commitment to stand by Syria on all levels, saying “Our duty is to offer all forms of support to enhance Syria’s steadfastness and help it overcome the current crisis and restore its security and stability.”
For his part, Dr. al-Halqi said that Syria is facing economic pressure and several challenges in the oil, gas and electicity sectors because of its commitment to its national stances and supporting the resistance.
He hailed the achievements of the Armed Forces in the face of terrorism and terrorist groups, stressing that Syria will achieve victory in its battle against terrorism thanks to the unity of its people and the support of its friends.
Al-Halqi expressed gratitude to Iran’s leadership and people for their stances in support of the Syrian people in face of terrorism.
The two sides reviewed cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries, stressing the importance of following up what has been agreed upon to facilitate entry of gas and gas oil into Syria.
Syrian-Iranian Talks on Cooperation in Electricity and Energy Fields
Minister of Electricity, Eng. Imad Khamis, on Wednesday discussed with Director General of Iranian Mabna Engineering and Construction Company, Ali Avadi, means of enhancing cooperation in the energy and electricity fields.

The two sides discussed the establishment of new power generating plants and future projects in the field of electricity generation and electricity system maintenance.
The new projects include the establishment of steam power generation station with a capacity of 600 mega watt and the implementation of a wind farm with a capacity of 50 to 100 mega watt.
The discussions came in the framework of the visit of the Syrian cabinet delegation to Tehran headed by Premier Wael al-Halqi to discuss means of economic cooperation in various domains between Syria and Iran.

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