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syria syria accuses saudi qatar morocco of terrorism support

Syria Accuses Saudi, Qatar, Morocco of Terrorism Support

By the resolution on Syria — adopted by a recorded vote of 135 in favour to 12 against, with 36 abstentions (Annex XV) — the Assembly called on that country to protect the population and fully comply with its international law obligations. It urged the immediate release of all persons arbitrarily detained, stressing its support for a peaceful, democratic and pluralistic society, and demanding that Syria provide the international commission of inquiry unfettered access to all areas of the country.

Speaking before action, Syria’s delegate said the politicized resolution on her country hindered the search for peaceful solutions based on the six-point plan and work of the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi. She refuted the text’s allegations, saying that its co-sponsors — Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Morocco —had escalated the violence by their intervention in Syria’s internal affairs. Their support of terrorism had led to the deaths of thousands of Syrians. Armed groups, backed by the co-sponsors, continued to target pipelines, strategic food crops and railways, aiming only to create conditions conducive to the collapse of State institutions, and ultimately, anarchy. “This is tantamount to a military attack,” she said.


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