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Syria: Some US Senators Want to Stop Obama Arming Jihadists


Four bipartisan senators in the United States have finally introduced a bill in order to hopefully stop the administration of President Barack “The Drone” Obama from providing military equipment and weapons to to the terrorists, militants and jihadists in Syria.

The good legislation by the honorable bipartisan senators in the United States was introduced on June 20. Behind this legislation are the four bipartisan U.S. senators: Democrats Tom Udall and Chris Murphy and Republicans Mike Lee and Rand Paul. These four senators introduced this legislation in an effort to bar the US Department of Defense and the known American secrete agencies from feeding anti-Syria` Takfiri militants and terrorists.

On June 14, the U.S. President Barack “The Jihadist-Friend” Obama ordered “his” administration (who has orders for whom?) to provide the Islamists and militants within Syria with weapons, which also includes assault rifles, shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank missiles and the needed ammunition, of course.

The already known Rand Paul said in a new statement about this dangerous and schizophrenic plan of Barack Obama that the “president’s unilateral decision to arm Syrian rebels is incredibly disturbing, considering what little we know about whom we are arming.”

The bipartisan senator Chris Murphy also stated the following in terms of their legislation and the arming of jihaidsts, Islamists and al-Qaeda-linked thugs in Syria:

“We should be extremely wary of allowing the United States to be drawn into a complicated proxy war that could mire our country for years at a potentially incalculable cost to US taxpayers and America’s reputation at home and abroad.” (US senator Chris Murphy)

Many members of the Congress within the United States of America remain deeply skeptical about the plans of the probably hypocritical or just schizophrenic White House under the lead of the drone-master Barack Obama for transferring weapons to foreign-sponsored militants in Syria, while other members of the U.S. senate have supported the plan to military aid and send arms and ammunition to the Takfiri bastards and religious fanatics in Syria for months, even since over a year now.

The U.S. administration has already announced its plans to arm the Islamists and terrorists in Syria a day after it claimed (and used the propaganda phrase) that the Syrian army had used chemical weapons in its fight against the militants, while the Russian administration has clearly stated that the American White House has no evidence for these claim and this statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry was and is still correct.


The U.S. administration just used this propaganda phrase in order to maintain their lies and to easily send weapons to Islamists in Syria. The proxy-war and destruction of Syria should go on in the eyes of the White House and its subordinated allies around the globe.

Also the Syrian government in the capital Damascus has strictly rejected these claims by the White House and some weapons specialists will sure know that there would be no sense behind such an action by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to use these kinds of chemical weapons in the urban warfare.

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  1. [email protected]

    did these traitors clear that proposal with their daddy AIPAC? one would surmise that each of these 4 miscreants are nothing more than traitors to America, so one would also speculate that anything coming from any of these pinheads , is suspicious.. I don’t know much about some of these men, but one man I do know a lot about and that is this jackass Rand Paul. He needs to be recalled asap.Nothing but a big liar and fraud and flip flopper. Let us not forget he has groveled at the feet of the jew and kissed the jewish foot and gone to the israhole and put his nose up against the roman wall , the yids call their wailing wall and kissed it ……….yes we have seen it all with this man. He talks a big game but when the chips are down he folds and plays the harlot. so in the final analysis, i would not think this measure will ever see the light of day and these assholes know it too


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