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Secret Visit of German Delegation to Syria Returns with Shocking Results

:- Real Syrians make up only 10-60% max, depending on location.
:- Number and Origins of Terrorists, military equipment, ideologies &     backgrounds.
:- Where Donations and Aid money from the EU was going, and who has control.
:- Witnessed 3 Extortion attacks by Armed rebels.
:- Plane carrying Delegation fired at by Armed Terrorists while landing in Aleppo.
:- Current situation is a direct threat to National security for Europe and Germany.
:- Turkish government , is obliged to inform partners truthfully about border area.
A German diplomatic source has revealed that a delegation of German Parliamentarians and Jurists, was last month secretly en route in Syria to investigate events.
The delegation visited Idleb, Aleppo, including the areas along the Syrian-Turkish border, Lattakia, Dar’aa, Deir Zour, Douma, Daria and refugee centers of the Syrian government. The mission taking place in cooperation with the armed rebels and their leaders, and under facilitation by the Syrian Government.
Back in Germany, the committee presented its results, which were absolutely contrary to previous reports, especially details about the number and origin of the terrorists, their military equipment, ideologies and backgrounds.
Another unpleasant surprise was to establish, how donations and aid money from the EU and in particular Germany, was being distributed, and who has control over the donated funds.
The second surprise was to find that the real Syrians among the armed rebels make up 10 to 60% at the max depending on the location. In addition, the committee has reported witnessing 2 extortion attacks by armed rebels in “Bensh”, and in a suburb of the district “Hama”. The Airliner of the delegation was the target of shooting fire during landing at the International airport of Aleppo by Armed Terrorists.
The German government must stop all kinds of logistical and military support “if in exhistence”, the diplomat said. New contact channels to the Syrian government should be created, the Embassy should reopen and security cooperation should be activated. The current situation constitutes a direct threat of the national security in Europe and Germany. This is now very crystal clear.
The Turkish government is well aware of what is happening on their border, and it has the obligation to inform their partners truthfully about it.
… – JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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