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Syria: Al-Qusayr and the Hezbollah


The line of reports from Al-Qusayr remains the same as yesterday, and today we are almost able to say, that the “battle” is pretty close to its end.

Meanwhile, such reports of the presents of fighters of the Lebanese Tayyar Al-Mustaqbal (Future Movement) in al-Qusayr are interesting:

“Province of Homs. The cleanup operation against those armed gangs and groups, who are entrenched in the neighborhoods, continues. Currently, the main forces of the surviving terrorists still remain in the northern districts, where also the airport Ad-Dabaa, occupied by them, is located; it seems they apparently intend to use it for their escape from the encirclement.

In the course of the battles from today[21/05/2013 – author], a group of Lebanese fighters was destroyed by Syrian Army members, the group belonged to the Al-Mustaqbal, led by Saad Hariri; as well as a terrorist unit, consisting of 20 men, under the led of the field commander Wrtan al-Zkhuri from the al-Nusra-Front (Dschabhat al-Nusra).

Once again, a group of armed men was tracked down and liquidated at the border to Lebanon, while the gunmen tried to break through the blockade around the city and to help the encircled terrorists.” (ANNA-News)

Both Salafi and Israeli sources, and with the later, the “world community”, hardly get any air while they are getting loudly worked up (het up / excited) that Hezbollah takes part around Al-Qusayr. They modestly ignore the reasons for this, respectively they rant about an “alliance with the dictator”.

The Lebanese Hariri units are the reason. Hariri controls the comfortable and wide swath from the Lebanese Tripoli up to the Syrian border, which was set up by the sponsors of the aggression against Syria.

Foreign terrorists (especially North-African), tons of weapons, and ammunition reach Syria through this corridor. The Al-Mustaqbal will know how to feed themselves from the arsenals, which are passing by. Of course, the safe passage costs something.


Ultimately, Hezbollah is nothing else doing in this scenario than what Israel is doing against Hezbollah – they are trying to prevent the rearmament of the Hariri units. And to arm themselves, but not against Israel, but against a much more uncomfortable enemy in the inland.

That there are Lebanese terrorists groups in Syria for a long time, this does not fit into the world picture which is jointly drawn by Israel and the Salafists (Salafis). So, without further ado, this gets suppressed without hesitation, and therefore, the half-truth looks similiar to a dangerous lie.

Source: apxwn

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