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Syria Should Not Fall for the Objectives of the Failed Aggression

image-NATO Aggression Dubbed Syria Strikes

NATO and its regional stooges tried their best and shot their ‘nice, new and smart missiles’ against Syria targeting at least 8 SAA airports among other command centers in their bank of targets, and failed. Now they want to harvest the fruits of their failure politically!

You will now be bombarded by all Western politicians and their media propagandists, aka mainstream media, also from Syria’s presumed allies, about the need for a political solution and the urge to return to peace talks and bring back ‘all parties’ to the Geneva Talks.

Nobody doubts that Hezbollah in the 2006 worldwide-covered Israeli aggression against Lebanon won the war when the militia not only was capable of withstanding the aggression, they started firing missiles against Israeli targets in land and sea, and ‘massacred’ invading heavily armed terrorists from the mercenary IDF organization. Yet, there were voices within Lebanon itself was gifting the victory to Israel, which itself declared defeat. When Hezbollah chief Nasrallah was asked to comment on those he replied: They want to strip us the joy of victory and want to gain politically from their sponsors’ military failure against us.

Nothing changed 12 years later. On the same day the last terrorist was removed from Douma, and within half an hour only, the aggressors trio: the USA, UK, and France, with a massive record of violations of international law in their collective history, waged an aggression, they promised to be game-changing, but had limited military effect, then they claimed it was only a warning.

On the other hand, we see Russian ambassador to Lebanon promising to ‘shoot down all the incoming missiles and destroying their launchpads’ echoing similar statements from different levels of the Russian leadership, which others from the same leadership sent confusing messages like ‘if any of their personnel is in the harms way of those incoming missiles’. At the time of the attack, what did the Russian forces in Syria, especially those manning the S400 and other air-defense systems do? They switched off their systems and let the Syrian Arab Army air-defense units handle the over 100 ‘nice, new and smart’ NATO missiles.

Syrian Arab Army had to use 4 decades old air-defense systems they acquired during the days of the old Soviet Union. The Russian leadership is reminding its ‘western partners’ that they have agreed before a few years not to deliver the 3 decades old S300 air-defense system Syria bought back in 2010. The Russian leadership wondering why the West is not keeping their words not attacking Syria in exchange for the Kremlin not delivering those systems?

The Russian Ministry of Defense promised to ‘might reconsider the delivery of the S300 to Syria and other countries it refrained from delivering it to them’ based on the agreement with their ‘western partners’. Which they already started to bring down their statement linking it with ‘if a new strike against Syria is carried on by the Western partners’…

Just before the NATO aggression against Syria, the Russian Navy fleet stationed in the military port service base in Tartous departed the port…!

Question to the Russian leadership: The missiles that hit Barzeh’s Scientific Research Center and the 4th Battalion inside Damascus, didn’t buzz over any Russian personnel or citizens?

The Syrian Arab Army’s air-defense units didn’t disappoint the Syrian people and managed to perform an outstanding battle of shooting down 71 out of the 107 incoming ‘nice, smart and new’ NATO’s missiles. And they did so ALONE.

Another open question and I am not seeking an answer: If Russian units operating in Syria are there to defend themselves only, and when the US justifies its presence in large parts of Syria, protecting some Kurdish militias it only created, justifies their presence by the presence of the Russian forces in the country, what exactly are Syrians gaining from the Russian military units in Syria?

Some might argue that the Russians are advising the Syrian Arab Army in its battles throughout the country, and have lost a number of their own personnel in these battles. Can’t this be done without too much confusing noise from the Russian politicians? Can’t this be done as real military advisors and not as a tool for political pressure on the Syrian state?

The main objective of the NATO’s aggression against Syria, dubbed Syria Strikes, is to force the Syrian state to give away concessions it didn’t give when it was in its weakest moments during the Geneva I talks. NATO is now expecting bigger concessions from Syria after its failed heinous illegal attack based on fabricated false-flag chemical attack in Douma, when the Syrian state has won the most strategic battle against one of the most organized, funded, armed and supported terrorist organization in East Ghouta, threatening the Damascus, and showering the Syrian capital and its 8 million residents with missiles at the will of Saudi Arabia and other retarded regimes.

Why would the Syrian state accept to give away in politics to its enemies, when it’s winning the ‘War of Terror’ waged against it by over 80 countries, what they failed to gain in all sorts of military covert and overt operations against the Syrian state, the Syrian people and their armed forces?

Syria should not at any cost and for whatever consequences attend anymore the so-called Geneva Talks. Syria should never, again, accept any pressure from any party anywhere in the world to attend talks with terrorists to gift them what they failed to gain by terrorizing the Syrian people over 7 years. And especially any pressure coming from those who left Syrians face the incoming ‘nice, new, and smart’ NATO missiles, coming in their dozens.

We started to see such pressure coming from the Russian leadership and the Russian politicians, with the latest statement conveyed by a member of the Russian Duma who met president Assad about Dr. Assad’s readiness for another presidential election.

We are seeing now the Western politicians call on pushing Syria back to Geneva useless talks with those who lost all the battles they fought against Syrians for over 7 years.

Excuse me everyone, but our blood, our sacrifices, our victory is not for sale at any price, especially not for some cheap carrots offered to our presumed allies.

Syria is not Lebanon. Lebanese Hezbollah accepted to share power with those who betrayed their own country and were asking Israel to keep on bombing Lebanon to get rid of Hezbollah. Syria shouldn’t fall for this same mistake. For 12 years Lebanon has been at a standstill in its political, economic, and even social life. Rivers of garbage flooded their main cities due to political antagonism between those who won the war and those who lost it.

During over 7 years of the ‘War of Terror’ waged against Syria by over 80 of the richest and strongest countries in the world, we did not have a single dirty street in the areas under the Syrian state’s control. We do not want to see rivers of garbage flooding our streets when the representatives of terrorists come to share the power in our country. They lost the war and they should stay away from Syria and continue their miserable lives in those over 80 countries that sponsored them to destroy Syria.

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