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Syria News 28 2 2013 Abduction Rape and Slaughter Acts Terrorist Confessed to Taking Part In

1* Syria to UN: Israel’s Licensing US Company to Drill for Oil in Occupied Syrian Golan Violates SC Resolution
2* Terrorist Bakkour confessed to taking part in acts of abduction, rape and slaughter
3* Al-Jaafari: Syria needs real unbiased aid, not mere attention to be focused on humanitarian situation
4* Maliki, Iraq: if World countries want stability in the region, they should boycott states that support terrorists
5* Puoshkov, Russia: there is no way out of crisis in Syria without the Syrian government’s participation
6* Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Imam: Syrian people must come to terms, to regain stability
7* Syrian Arab Army clashes with terrorists along the railway of Shareeda square in Darayya and kills and injures several snipers
8* Terrorists den destroyed by our army units, dozens terrorists gunmen killed and wounded
9* Egyptian voices continue to reject Mursi’s policy
10* Nasrallah: we insist that Syria remains unified & cohesive

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