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NATO Terror in Damascus Failed to Capture Damascus Airport

NATO Terror in Damascus failed to secure Damascus Airport.
Posted on December 1, 2012

Yesterday, 30 November at 12 o´clock CET insurgents succeeded in interrupting all internet and mobile phone traffic in Syria. The coordinated campaign was coordinated with attempts to conquer the civilian Airport of the county´s capital Damascus and key residential districts near the airport. Like previous coordinated attacks, such as the attempts to secure the cities of Aleppo and Homs, also this campaign failed and was defeated by the Syrian military. Internet and telephone connections however, are still not working.

Yesterdays  sudden blackout of all internet connections and all mobile phones caused widespread speculation as well as worries among Syrians in Syria as well as abroad. Some media reported that the Syrian government had disconnected the internet and mobile phones, causing some speculation whether the government could have taken this initiative to prevent the detonation of explosives which are controlled by mobile phone technology.

The Syrian Ministry of Information however rejected the notion that it should have caused the blackout. According to Syrian government sources the blackout has been caused by terrorists. According to a nsnbc source who left Syria for Turkey to contact nsnbc, the blackout was caused by terrorists who has severed a main internet cable and attacked the countries most vital mobile phone installations.

The successful coordination of the attacks and the fact that the blackout was coordinated with fierce attacks against the airport in Damascus could indicate that the attacks have been assisted by one or several NATO country´s Special Forces which have been deployed to Syria since autumn 2011.

Several units of predominantly foreign terrorists initiated an attack on the civilian airport of Damascus. The attack was initiated when several rockets were fired into the airport. Some of the missiles hit the main runway, causing the intermediate closure of the airport. Egyptair and Emirates cancelled all flights to and out of Damascus and it is so far uncertain if or when the airlines continue operating out of Damascus.

Terrorists and Syrian military forces engaged in heavy battles in the  Harran al-Awamid district near the airport as well as in Babila and Hijaira, south of Damascus. Terrorist units succeeded in blocking the main roads to and from the airport but were dispelled by the Syrian military. The primary objective of the coordinated attacks was most likely to secure the airport of Damascus. Another objective may have been to secure an area close enough to the airport for being able to deploy the SAM-7 and Stiner Missiles that have been distributed to the insurgents via Turkey, and which have been delivered by the post-coup government of Libya.
According to the latest reports nsnbc received from Syria at 21 o´clock CET, the Syrian military has successfully re-taken and secured the roads to and from the airport as well as terrorist held enclaves in Harran al-Awamid.
Damascus was also today the target of a car bomb attack that caused considerable structural damage to buildings and caused a yet unknown number of casualties. The blast today came only one day after yesterday´s blast that targeted the buildings and vehicles of PRESS TV and Al-Alam TV.

There is cause to assume that NATO Special Operations Groups are involved in attempts to organize a coordinated attack on Damascus. There is also good reason to assume that the internet, telephone, and to some extend media blackout will be used for disseminating disinformation with the aim to destabilize the Syrian government.
Both PRESS TV, Al-Alam as well as a number of independent media such as nsnbc continue reporting from Syria.
Christof Lehmann
01.12.2012, 22.34 CET

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