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Militants Open Fire on Civil Busses in Homs, One Death Recorded

Members in the militia of the Free Army have set a checkpoint and attacked civil busses at Abel junction of Homs countryside.

The attacks caused a martyr and 6 injuries, where the insurgents abducted another civilian at the checkpoint.

In al-Ziabia town of Damascus Countryside, a leader in free Army militia, called Abed al-Ghani Bekheit, got killed in clashes with the Syrian Arab Army.

Our correspondent stated that the killed gunmen included Muhammad Hamada, Fayez al-Rahwan, and others.

The Syrian Army also killed an armed group of al-Islam brigade in Zamalka and 25 other militants in al-Husseinia area, near the al-Shuhadaa gas station, of Damascus Countryside.

The Syrian Army units continued the operation in eastern the country, where the artillery of the Syrian Army destroyed a position for militants in the al-Mayadeen town of Deir Ezzor.

In Idlib, the Syrian Army confronted an armed attack on a spot in the al-Fawzia town of Jeser al-Shughou countryside, killing and wounding about 21 insurgents.

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