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Syria Terrorists Commit New Massacre in alBurj Homs

Syria, Homs – Saturday night terrorist in Syria have committed a new massacre storming into al-Burj neighborhood of Talkalkh, located in the countryside of the Syrian city of Homs, killing 10 citizens, mostly children and women in addition to looting a number of houses and shops.

The terrorist group stormed into al-Burj and committed this massacre, before a unit of the Syrian Armed Forces intervened, upon the residents’ request, and repelled the armed group members, killing most of the terrorists and the rest fled .

A local resident stated that the terrorists broke into the houses using weapons and committed acts of killing and looting, noting that the terrorists killed any residents who refused to provide help and shelter to the terrorist groups.

The residents of al-Burj reiterated their rejection of the terrorists’ crimes and attacks against the Syrians all over Syria, stressing their dedication to defend their homeland and support for the Syrian Army in the face of terrorists.

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