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syria mass rally in idleb in support of syrian arab armys efforts to restore security and stability

Mass Rally in Idleb in Support of Syrian Arab Army’s Efforts to Restore Security and Stability
Jan 14, 2013

IDLEB, (SANA) – A mass popular rally went out in Idleb province to express love and loyalty to the homeland in the face of the foreign aggression against it and the heinous crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups.
The participants stressed confidence in the Syrian Arab Army forces, expressing support for them in order to carry out their mission and restore security and stability to Syria.
The participants gathered at Hanano Square and toured a number of streets in the city, calling for being firm with terrorists and those who support them.
They reiterated readiness to make more sacrifices to defend the homeland and preserve its sovereignty and independence.

The participants raised national flags and banners which express support to the Syrian Arab Army and call on the national opposition for dialogue.
They reiterated their commitment to the national unity and their rejection of all forms of foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.
The residents denounced the stances of some regional parties which continue their support for the armed terrorist groups and supply them with money and arms, indicating that Turkey and Arab Gulf rulers are partners in shedding the Syrian blood.
The participants also stressed that the enemies’ attempts to undermine the Syrians’ unity will fail and will not succeed in undermining Syria’s steadfastness, its army’s strength, its people’s unity and its leadership’s wisdom.
They added that the awareness of all spectrums of the Syrian people will foil the aggression which aims at destroying the strength of the Syrian state and people.

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