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Syria: About Lions and Bears

Anastasia Popova at the UN

There is always an uncertainty about how “Russia” ultimately will behave with respect to Syria for now, while the range of opinions reach from “Putin has depreciated Syria” to “Russia Suriya my friend” [sic in the most recent video of ANNA News from South Daraya].

The confusion stems from the fact that such split opinions go up to the high ranks of the political ranks of the Russian Federation (RF), which can sometimes also be comprehend by the coverage.

Three days ago, the Russian quasi-state TV station NTV, broadcasted a report on the rebels in Aleppo. The famous Russian TV journalist Vadim Fefilow (Wadim Fefilow) was in charge for this report on the rebels in Aleppo, he already shined with some not so bad reports on “Al Qaeda” some time ago. In the latter, he was underway in the depths of Yemen and Somalia and he really has put together a lot of interesting material into a partly sobering documentation, which then was titled with “Terra Al-Qaeda” and the documentation became mildly well-known.

The “rebels report” from Syria is now titled (perhaps inspired by the latter documentation about “Al Qaeda”) with “The terroritory of the AK”, while he primarily sees “AK” as an abbreviation for the famous Russian machine gun, but it is also certainly alludes to “Al-Qaeda”.

Vadim Fefilow (NTV) between jihadists in Aleppo.
Vadim Fefilow (NTV) between jihadists in Aleppo.

The first thought when starting this report was: great, because some seem to be dedicated to the here popular principle of “audiatur et altera pars” (audi alteram partem / “It should be heard [audiatur] also the other party”).

The Russian journalist Fefilow runs around in a press smock, on which back is to read in large Cyrillic letters “Press”; he sometimes uses the smock to pretend to the rebels to be a Pole and sometimes even as a Dutchman – because Russians are not so popular there for the known reasons. The film crew infiltrated Syria by Turkey and under the protection of one of the many bandit groups, which had their hand over the Russians for the total dwelling time of about 2 weeks.

The documentation shows rebels, all Syrians, former room decorators, law students on semester holiday, defected soldiers, policemen, merchants, shepherds and so on, who are all doing the same currently: fighting against the bloody regime, while all of them are completely clueless about the reasons or for what they are fighting for – the shown protagonists have even not much clue about such global ideas such as “Sharia” or “caliphate”.

That which came the closest to such a “crime of the regime” was the testimony of an old and infirm father, a Mufti, one of the rebels, who claimed that he has been in jail in the 1980s, while the guards urinated into his tea.

The second thought: this movie is propaganda. And it is pro-revel propaganda, depicting the terrorist brigades as romantic glamor figures, who “have taken away already half of the country from the government with the prayer on the barrel” (quote from the movie). The shown rebels prototypes are of different origins, from various strata of the population, and they get all displayed as very human. Without daylight robberies (logical), but also without too excessive sympathy. An emphatic detached view at people under the conditions of a full-fledged civil war. Not more only a rebellion and not about a foreign intervention, but precisely straight, a civil war is shown.

There are a lot of other things one is able to fish from the depths of the film by Fefilow, for example, one might ponder about why all the shown “rebels” – Syrians and representatives of really all the population groups, including former successful big business and students – are suddenly only able to frame (formulate) and think about “Jihad and Caliphate” and nothing further anymore.

This would be the third thought and its own topic. So it is no pro-rebel propaganda, but a warning to the whole world.

Because there are others, equally on the Russian side. For example, Anastasia Popova, protagonist of the WGTRK film team, which made a stir with the “Syrian Diary” some time ago. Anastasia Popova appeared with a “briefing” on the situation in Syria in New York the day before yesterday. Under the guise of the UN, more specifically: the permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the UN (United Nations). With the participation of well-known representatives of various organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the Red Cross.

Anastasia Popova with Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian ambassador to the UN.
Anastasia Popova with Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian ambassador to the UN.

The intention is to open the eyes of the people, because for the most people, this “alternative” point of view is something completely new. Here you can be sure that you simply can not occur as the first reporter that comes along (random reporter) at the UN.

Behind this possibility was the Russian UN mission, so that we may assume: there are forces in the Russian government who are interested in this vector of coverage. (In the Vesti report about the appearance in New York, it is noted in a side note that Anastasia Popova was already as a guest on this topic at the UN in Geneva and that she will soon arrive in Germany. But there are no further details so far.)

"Briefing" with the "Syrian Diary" in the Russian UN mission.
“Briefing” with the “Syrian Diary” in the Russian UN mission.
Anastasia Popova at the UN
Anastasia Popova at the UN

So much about the “retaliation” which is expected by Jörg from Putin: it depends in Russia probably on the fact of who sits at which lever. More or less typical for a state which is no longer considered by the other “Big Boys” as a serious player, because the whole power structure is already corruptible and mobbed-up.

Appropriate (as usual), Brzezinski about the “Russian elite”, analogously about it at the “Global Policy Forum” 2011 in Yaroslavl (RF):

“Russia can have so many suitcases with the keys for its nuclear weapons as it wants. About 500 billion dollars, belonging to the Russian elite, are in our banks. Therefore, you should first come clear about whether it is your elite or maybe already even ours? I am not able to imagine a situation in which Russia could use its nuclear weapons potential.”


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