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syria last news from syria 18 12 2012

* Minister of Health: Urgent Medical Shipment Arrives at Aleppo International Airport
* Russian Defense Ministry: 5 Warships heading to the Mediterranean
* Russia, Iran: Syria’s Fate Should be Determined by Syrian People
* Mehmanparast: West Who Supports Terrorism in Syria Wants to Decide Its Destiny on behalf of Syrians
* Prime Minister: Efforts Exerted to Provide Basic Needs to Aleppo
* China Says: Political Solution Only Way out of Syrian Crisis
* Terrorists Killed in Damascus Countryside, Deir Ezzor
Full video here:
Syria News 18.12.2012, Terrorists target Palestinian camp, Russian Warships to the Mediterranean
Last News from Syria, 18.12.2012, Syria Will Remain Strong and Impregnable Thanks to Its People

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