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syria kozagacli we uncovered lies of the turkish authorities

Jan 23, 2013

ANKARA, (SANA)-Chairman of the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (CHD) in Turkey, lawyer Selcuk Kozagacli, underlined that the Turkish authorities’ deceptions and lies were uncovered, saying the Association has assumed the mission of defending the Syrian people.
“The CHD will defend the Syrian people after it collected documented data and evidence on the sides involved in killing the Syrian people and destroying, looting their properties as well as attacking them through opening the borders for the terrorists, protecting and supporting them,” Kozagacli said in an open letter sent to the Justice and Development government published by Turkish Radical newspaper Tuesday.
“Members of the CHD who were arrested by that government have received lawsuits from citizens who suffered repression and flagrant violations of human rights,” Kozagacli said.
He added that the police which stormed the lawyers’ offices and inspected them have found nothing but files on those cases, not secret information as they claim.

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