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syria jamil objective climate to reach a political solution has matured all should sit to the dialog table

Jamil: Objective Climate to Reach a Political Solution has Matured, All Should Sit to the Dialog Table

Jan 03, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Leader of the opposition People’s Will Party, Dr.Qadri Jamil, stressed the importance of finding international accord to solve the crisis in Syria.
In an interview with the Syrian TV aired on Wednesday, Jamil referred to attempts to revive Geneva statement which was the first step for the needed international accord to achieve a breakthrough in the international relations.
Dr. Jamil added that the Americans today think deeply in other substitutes and options not in the interest of the Syrian people but due to the fiscal cliff that the US is facing as a reflection of the great economic crisis of capitalism.
He stressed that the US is the leader of intervention in Syria and the regional powers are subordinate and tools which are not independent with no opinion, but yield to its dictations.
“The Russian stance has become firmer as it is a reflection of a wider ring of the BRIC countries and the medium-sized countries which impose a new international climate that will be seen in the next two years but we should not allow the Americans and the westerners to burn Syria from inside and we should be smarter than the opponent through finding a political solution,” he added.
“The objective climate to reach a political solution to the crisis has matured and all sides should sit to the dialog table to discuss means of reaching compromises and solutions that serve the national higher interests,” Dr. Jamil said .
He pointed out that rejection of violence and foreign interference are not preconditions for dialogue but they are public principles for this dialogue, and what will be agreed upon at the end through dialogue will be subjected the judgment of the Syrian people who will decide what they need through the ballot boxes.
He expressed rejection of making any amendment on Geneva Statement, but it has to be interpreted, particularly regarding the issue of the transition phase.
Dr. Jamil stressed that the US will not abandon its support to the gunmen in Syria even if dialogue has been held as it want to exploit them to put pressure on the dialogue table as well as it will not abandon protecting the regional powers which arm the terrorist groups in Syria.
He called for accelerating dialogue as it will gradually ease violence.
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