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Syria Insurgents Assault on a Hospital, a Mosque, and a Military Airport

Free Army militias carry out many armed attacks in the second day of the new year targeting a hospital, a mosque and a military airport in several areas of Syria

Huge numbers of the militants have attacked the medical services building in Harasta hospital, and hundreds of them have attacked another hospital near to Duma.

Syrian Arab Army confronts the armed attack carried out by insurgents on the hospital making heavy losses between their ranks
Free Army militants continue their attacks by shelling al-Assad Suburb and targeting al-Tahani mosque. The shell caused material damages in the body of the mosque and no victims were recorded.

Syrian Army confronts the armed attack in Taftanaz Airport
Free Army militias attack Taftanaz military airport, according to Breaking News reporter who assured that the gunmen have used in their attack heavy weapons and thermal missiles, when Syrian Army respond on this attack, what resulted in killing dozen of them, including Maher Samak the leader of “Ahrar al-Sham” group linked to al-Qaeda

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