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Global Research Calls on NATO to Take its Hands Off Syria and Turkey

Global Research Calls on NATO to Take Its Hands Off Syria and Turkey
Jan 21, 2013

OTTAWA, (SANA) – The Canadian website Global research said that the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) launched a new campaign to prevent the deployment of Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian borders and reject any NATO intervention in Syria.
In an article titled “NATO, Hands off Syria! Hands off Turkey! Turkish People Take Action against deployment of Patriot Missiles Against Syria,” writer Taylor Goel said that members of the TKP set up a tent in a park in downtown Ankara to gather signatures against the deployment of Patriot missiles and NATO intervention in Syria, noting that this campaign which is called “Stand guard against Patriot Missiles” has been received with great interest and support by the people of Ankara.
The article said that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan requested the deployment of Patriot missiles on the borders with Syria using the excuse that they’re needed to defend Turkey against potential attacks, despite the fact that the AKP government has been the aggressive party towards Syria.
Goel said that Turkey has provided shelter, funding and arms to the so-called Free Syrian Army which is fighting against the Syrian government, and that the  AKP has more than once attempted to provoke war with Syria, sending military jets into Syrian airspace in June, and launching an artillery attack against Syria in October and calling NATO to action in each incident.
The article noted that, in total contrast to the hostile policies of AKP against Syria, the Turkish population overwhelmingly opposes any form of intervention in Syria.
The article pointed out that the TKP sent a letter to the members of the Parliament, pointing to the fact that the deployment of the Patriot missiles and NATO troops in Turkey is unconstitutional and that the ruling AKP government is guilty of violating the constitution, since the authority to permit the deployment of foreign forces on Turkish soil should belong to the parliament, while the deployment of the missiles was the result of a unilateral AKP decision.
In this letter, the TKP said that the deployment of Patriot missiles has nothing to do with the defense of Turkey against a Syrian threat as claimed by AKP, demanding that the members of the parliament take action and immediately send the missiles and NATO troops back.
Goel said that if the AKP government and its imperialist masters assume that they will easily be able to march their NATO soldiers to occupy Turkey and point their missiles towards Syria, they are dead wrong. The people of Turkey have opposed and resisted this dirty pending NATO war against Syria from the very start and they will continue to do so, concluding his article by repeating “NATO, hands off Syria! Hands off Turkey!”

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