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syria foreign ministry terrorists flow into syria from neighboring countries particularly turkey

Jan 22, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Syria reminds once again that the terrorists, who are continuing their criminal acts against safe citizens, flow into Syria mainly across some neighboring countries, particularly Turkey, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Tuesday.

The reminder came in two identical letters the Ministry addressed to the Chairman of the Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the armed terrorist groups’ continuation of carrying out their criminal operations in the country, on top being al-Qaeda organization.

The Ministry cited in this context the terrorist explosion which was carried out by a suicide terrorist in the middle of al-Salamiya city in Hama province on January 21 and claimed the lives of 32 citizens and injured scores of others, in addition to causing the destruction of the National Hospital in the city getting it out of service.

The Ministry described the explosion as “another coward act against safe citizens.”

“This terrorist act came as a revenge against the people of al-Salamiya who expressed their rejection of terrorism and determination to preserve the security of their city and properties and the lives of their sons,” the Ministry’s letters said.

The terrorist act in al-Salamiya was not the first of its kind in the city, the letters noted, adding that more of these suicide and terrorist operations have been witnessed in other areas in Syria.

Among those the Ministry cited a particular assault against a school in the city of Nawa in Daraa province in which terrorists attacked the school and stole amounts of diesel that are used for heating purposes for students.

The Ministry noted that the terrorists have continuously threatened all the Syrian schools throughout this study year with more of such operations if they continue to open.

“This is because [the terrorists] want to turn schools into centers for their operations and make children join their ranks,” the Ministry added.

It pointed out that “the use and recruiting of children in those terrorists’ ranks to carry out the most outrageous terrorist acts has become a phenomena which the armed groups take pride in,” adding that evidence of this phenomena can be seen on the social networking sites.

“Syria reminds once again that those terrorists who boast about having no nationality or identity flow into it mainly across some neighboring countries, particularly Turkey,” the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in its letters.

It stressed that “Turkey has opened its doors before all terrorists of the world to enter Syria unconditionally,” noting that those terrorists are being provided by the Turkish government all the weapons which they use to attack the Syrian people and commit terrorist acts inside the country.

The Ministry reminded that the terrorist acts and those who support them are subject to the rules of the Security Council resolutions on combating terrorism, including resolution no. 1373.

“The fact of not implementing this resolution when it comes to countries and governments that practice terrorism means a decision by these countries to spread terrorism and foil the Security Council’s efforts in countering it,” said the Ministry.

The Ministry concluded its letters by reiterating Syria’s call upon the Security Council to condemn these terrorist acts in Syria and wherever they take place in the world and on the countries which hinder the Council’s tasks and responsibilities to back down on their stances which do not serve security and stability neither in Syria nor in any part of the world.

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