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Syria: Foreign Militants Killed in Daria, Names Revealed

The Syrian Arab Army units carried out a qualitative operation in Daria area of Damascus countryside, killing dozens of terrorists, including dangerous snipers, and many other foreigners.

Our correspondent in the area confirmed that the killed insurgents included Muhammad al-Houri, Asem al-Souki, Ayman Ashour, Muhammad Rajab, Wissam al-Farekh, Tareq Ma’touq, Abed al-Qader Sourani, Rashed Khesheineh, Sam Turkmanti, Ezza Yahia and the leader Muhammad Rasheed.

Our reporter also stated that the army destroyed a cargo of arms at the southern entrance of Daria, where 15 explosive charges that each weighted about 30 – 70 kg were dismantled in the western Daria orchards.

The Syrian soldiers targeted an armed group in al-Zayabia, killing and wounding many gunmen, where an anti-aircraft and two Dushka machineguns were destroyed, as our correspondent affirmed that the Syrian Army units clashed with militants near the Court, which resulted in the death of 3 Saudis and one Kuwaiti.

The killed militants included Imad al-Din Najeeb, Muhammad al-Ali and the leader Fayez Ahmad, who is also called as Abu Hamza.
The reporter of Breaking News Network confirmed that the units of Syrian Army arrested several gunmen in Hijjira, including the header of Shuhadaa al-Golan battalions of free Army militia Khalid Shaheen.

The Syrian forces also killed large number of armed men, including Osama al-Talawi, Muhammad al-Khouli and Muhammad al-Khouri in Duma.

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