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syria evening operations for the syrian army in damascus countryside 90 gunmen killed

The units of Syrian Arab Army carried out military operation against the militias of Free Army in several towns of Damascus countryside, causing the death of about 90 of the insurgents. The operations initiated this evening in Daraya, where our correspondent said that the Syrian Army killed 23 militants near al-Redwan mosque, including the leaders Na’eem al-Dummarani and Hisham al-Aswad.

Our reporter also stated that the Syrian Army killed about 60 armed men in Duma, Erbin, Jarba, Zibdeen and al-Bilalya towns.
The killed gunmen included Rida Bakeer, Muhammad al-Aqraa, Hamdi Sukkar, Muhannad Abed al-Salam, Taher Jumaa, Wael Jumaa and Mahmoud Abed al-Malek.  

In al-Hajar al-Aswad town, the Syrian Army killed 7 militants, including the leader Muhammad Oweid, during attempting to infiltrate to Damascus city.

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