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Daily Mirror: Retired British Spies Recruited to Hack into Syrian Communication Systems

Jan 17, 2013

LONDON, (SANA)- The British Daily Mirror newspaper revealed that “British intelligence chiefs are recruiting retired spies to help the gunmen in Syria beat President Bashar al-Assad’s forces by hacking into their communication systems.”

In an article published yesterday Wednesday, the newspaper said the intelligence officials have contacted “dozens of former ¬technicians, expert signals analysts and code-breakers.”

It added that the former spies “will set up base in Turkey and teach Syrian rebels how to crack the systems.”

The Daily Mirror quoted a British intelligence source as saying that “Britain has had an arm’s-length policy towards helping the rebellion in Syria but aiding the rebellion in listening into regime force plans will be a huge help.”

Press reports have recently revealed that British and U.S. satellites have been taking photos of the Syrian forces movements and passing them over to the so-called ‘Free Army’ via the British Foreign Security Apparatus (MI6) and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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