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China and Iran Reiterate Calls for Solving the Crisis in Syria Away from Foreign Intervention

Jan 18, 2013

BEIJING, (SANA) – China and Iran reiterated their calls to solve the crisis in Syria through dialogue and peaceful means away from any foreign intervention, stressing the need for confronting terrorists and stopping their infiltration in Syria.
Meeting Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Hussein Amir Abdullahian in Beijing on Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, stressed that the political mechanisms are the only way to find a solution to the current problem in Syria, noting that the war cannot solve the crisis.
He criticized some countries distancing themselves from Geneva statement which is an appropriate mechanism to find solution.
The Chinese Foreign Minister stressed that only the Syrian people determine the future of their country, not through foreign intervention, stressing that the spreading of terrorists in Syria will not serve any party.
Yang focused on the non-foreign intervention principle included in the UN Charter, stressing continued communications between China and Iran with Lakhdar Brahimi and the need for all sides to support him.
In turn, Abdullahian reiterated his country’s support to the Syrian people and the political program to solve the crisis in Syria proposed by President Bashar al-Assad, indicating that the US and the West have established the foundation for the growth of terrorism and extremism in Syria though unlimited support to the terrorist groups and gangs.
He added that the political program for solution presented by President al-Assad included important ideas and items that go in line with the Iranian, Chinese and Russian initiatives to find a political solution.
Abdullahian stressed that the US, through supporting the extremist terrorist groups, was unjust to the Syrian people and did not allow to continue the implementation of the reforms launched by President al-Assad, voicing Iran’s rejection of any foreign intervention in Syria’s affairs.
He noted that some foreign parties insisted on interfering in Syria, but vetoing three resolutions by China and Russia prevented the enemies of the Syrian people from seizing the opportunity in this important country.
The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said that Syria’s enemies have enlisted indirect intervention in Syria on their agendas and brought irresponsible armed groups into Syria while other extremist and terrorist groups found in Syria a place for its terrorist acts supported by Washington, then instability started to spread from Syria into other places.
He added that the situation in Syria began to be stable, indicating that the government is having control over the situation.
Abdullahian stressed Iran’s support for initiatives that are based on political means and conducting a political dialogue between the government and the opposition which believes in political solution. He underlined the necessityfor separating terrorists from the opposition because those who attack grain silos and power plants are not from the opposition, rather they are terrorists who operate against the Syrian people and target the government, the people and the opposition which believe in political solution.
Abdullalahian pointed out that some armed members and extremists came from Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and entered the Syrian territories to carry out terrorist attacks.
He hailed the reforms launched by the Syrian leadership, indicating that some parties engaged with the war, particularly the Americans, without giving the Syrian people the chance to achieve their demands and prevented solving the problem through political means.

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