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syria breaking news update november 30 2012

Egypt: the HQ of Freedom and Justice Party has been evacuated in Great al-Mahalla
 November 30, 2012    7:46 PM
Aleppo: Syrian Army carries out qualitative operations in al-Kallaseh and Endan
 November 30, 2012    7:16 PM
Edlib: militants have been killed in clashes in Kourin, Sarmin and Bennesh
 November 30, 2012    7:13 PM
Edlib Countryside: dozens of insurgents have been killed in armed confrontations against the Syrian Army in Mahambal
 November 30, 2012    7:12 PM
Al-Jafari: the world must confess of the existence of terrorist groups in Syria
 November 30, 2012    5:59 PM
Al-Jafari: any international effort to stop the armed opposition should succeed
 November 30, 2012    5:49 PM
Al-Jafari: the armed opposition is working to create an Islamic emirate in Syria
 November 30, 2012    5:48 PM
Al-Jafari: we agree with Brahimi on the necessity of finding a political solution in Syria
 November 30, 2012    5:44 PM
Syrian border guards kill 14 Lebanese gunmen during attempting to infiltrate to Talkalakh of Homs
 November 30, 2012    5:10 PM
Damascus Countryside: militants have been killed in al-Bastara neighborhood of Harasta
 November 30, 2012    5:08 PM
Military source to Breaking News Network: hundreds of gunmen have been killed in airstrikes for Syrian Army on Duma
 November 30, 2012    3:51 PM
Egypt: Mursi is trapped inside a mosque and the cheers occur outside “Topple Mursi Topple Mursi”
 November 30, 2012    3:47 PM
Sources for Breaking News: the Syrian Army carries out wide operations in Aqraba and Beit Sahem of Damascus countryside
 November 30, 2012    3:00 PM
Military sources to Breaking News: at least 100 militants were killed in the strikes of Syrian Army artillery on Daria
 November 30, 2012    2:58 PM
The Syrian airlines: the navigation in the International Airport of Damascus is normal
 November 30, 2012    2:56 PM
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