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Syria: Breaking News Update January 5, 2013

Homs: the Syrian Army finds a tunnel in a shop that was used by insurgents in Deir Ba’alba
January 5, 2013   3:34 PM

SANA: the interior minister Brigadier Muhammad al-Shaar is safe and healthy
January 5, 2013   11:55 AM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the rumors about taking control over Kweires military airport by militants are false
January 5, 2013   11:23 AM

Independent: the Syrian Army arrests the brother of al-Qaeda leader Muhammad al-Zawahiri in Daraa
January 5, 2013   10:02 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus: shells were fired on buildings, causing no injuries
January 5, 2013   9:37 AM

Damascus: the insurgents fired 3 mortar shells on dawn near George Khouri square
January 5, 2013   9:36 AM

Damascus: an explosive charge blasts in Ruken al-Din, near Salah al-Din mosque, claiming material damages only
January 5, 2013   9:22 AM

Al-Akhbar: the Syrian Leadership will soon announce an initiative to solve the Syrian Crisis and to be a base for Geneva 2
January 5, 2013   8:44 AM

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