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Syria: Breaking News Update January 9, 2013


Damascus countryside: the Syrian Army takes control over the legitimacy school in Daria

January 9, 2013   9:08 PM

ِAleppo Countryside: the Syrian Army carries out wide operations against the militants in Kafarnaha and Khan al-Assal

January 9, 2013   8:59 PM

Our correspondent: the Jordanian armed man Raheel Ahmad and the Libyan Walid al-Rahi have been killed in Damascus

January 9, 2013   8:04 PM

Libya: clashes in Tripoli kill 5 persons

January 9, 2013   6:48 PM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the Internet returns to the city after fixing the line at al-Barkoum bridge

January 9, 2013   6:11 PM

The foreign ministry: a message was sent to the UN about the program, published by President Assad

January 9, 2013   4:51 PM

The Iranian ambassador: we thank the official Syrian sides for their efforts to succeed the operation

January 9, 2013   4:12 PM

The Iranian ambassador in Damascus: the rules of the abductors were hard and the negotiations lasted for 5 months

January 9, 2013   4:11 PM

The government calls to commit with the UN decrees about stopping arms’ supports

January 9, 2013   3:48 PM

The government calls the international community to support the political solution for the Syrian crisis

January 9, 2013   3:47 PM

Our correspondent: the Iranian abductees arrive in al-Shiraton hotel of Damascus

January 9, 2013   3:32 PM

The Syrian foreign ministry was charged for international and national connections to reveal the political program

January 9, 2013   3:23 PM

Damascus Countryside: a shell has been fired on al-Janayen area of Jaramana, causing two martyrs

January 9, 2013   2:32 PM

Damascus: armed men assassinates the lawyer Hatem Deeb by shouting him in Ain al-Keresh area

January 9, 2013   12:40 PM

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