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Syria: Breaking News Update January 26, 2013

Damascus countryside: armed men fire 12 shells on the Sayedeh Zainab area causing material damages

January 26, 2013   9:21 PM

Homs: an explosive charge of 1000 kg has exploded and no victims were recorded in al-Mashtal of Qusair

January 26, 2013   8:32 PM

The Egyptian presidential calls for a vast talk leaded by Independent National persons

January 26, 2013   7:36 PM

Raqqa: Syrian Army foils the insurgents attempt to target the oil field “Hbari”

January 26, 2013   7:19 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian army kills each of Muhammad Shafiq and Muhammad Rajab, in addition to other insurgents in al-Fshoukh groves in the west of Daraya

January 26, 2013   7:17 PM

Raqqa: Syrian Army kills the leader of the “Island Shield” battalion near al-Thawra city

January 26, 2013   6:14 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Army artillery targets many positions of the insurgents and kills 13 of them in Daraya

January 26, 2013   6:11 PM

Damascus: an explosive device has exploded in al-Baytara square, what resulted in the injury of one of the military engineering members

January 26, 2013   4:24 PM

Breaking News Network source: the insurgents have not infiltrated to al-Shdadi of Hasaka and the area is clear

January 26, 2013   4:05 PM

Egypt: the toll of the victims of the clashes in Bor Said raises to 8 deaths and 140 injuries

January 26, 2013   1:03 PM

Mursi cancels his visit to Ethiopia tomorrow to attend an African summit

January 26, 2013   12:10 PM

Egypt: clashes in Bor Said cause the death of 5 and the injuries of 75 and the army sends the reinforces to control the situation

January 26, 2013   11:58 AM

Syrian Army continues its military operations in Daraya and seizes the tunnels that link the municipal building with the finance building

January 26, 2013   11:30 AM

Egypt: death sentences will be done on the right of 22 accused persons accused in the football events case of Bor Said

January 26, 2013   10:36 AM

Egypt: the police clashes with thousands of the angry protestors on the death sentences in front of the prison of Bor Said

January 26, 2013   10:35 AM

Edlib: Syrian Army foils an armed attack on the Central Prison after clashes lasted since yesterday

January 26, 2013   10:24 AM

Homs countryside: a booby trapped car has exploded in the axis of Qusair village and no victims were recorded

January 26, 2013   9:29 AM

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