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Syria: Breaking News Update January 20, 2013

Severe clashes occur in the western side of Edlib city

January 20, 2013   5:18 PM

Damascus Countryside: the Syrian Army carries out operations in al-Alia farms, al-Sheifounia and Bastara of Harasta

January 20, 2013   4:52 PM

Damascus Countryside: a mortar shell was fired on al-Turbeh neighborhood, causing material damages

January 20, 2013   4:50 PM

Damascus Countryside: the Iraqi Muhsen Abu Ali got killed in a military operation in al-Ziabia

January 20, 2013   4:48 PM

The Salafist movement in Jordan: Muhammad al-Reba’ia, the member in al-Nusra Front, has been killed in Daraa

January 20, 2013   4:45 PM

Damascus Countryside: Hisham Salameh, the leader in al-Nusra Front, has been killed in an operation for the Syrian Army in Hijjira

January 20, 2013   4:42 PM

The Residents of Hasaka participate to demand raising the efforts to stop kidnapping and assassinating

January 20, 2013   3:20 PM

Hasaka: an armed attack on Kbeiba oil field has been foiled in al-Shadadi countryside

January 20, 2013   3:19 PM

Homs: the gunmen’ leader Khalid Mustafa has been killed in an operation for the Syrian Army in al-Rastan

January 20, 2013   2:46 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Arab Army takes control over the Municipal building and its surroundings in Daraya

January 20, 2013   1:44 PM

Beirut: the protestors for George Abdulla throw stones on the French Embassy

January 20, 2013   1:31 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Army kills two insurgents of the Free Army leaders Mohammad SHhada and Mustafa al-Mustafa in Daraya

January 20, 2013   12:52 PM

Damascus : light material damages are the result of Stun grenade in al-Sbki park of Abu Rmana

January 20, 2013   11:59 AM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Army operation occur on the sides of Duma claiming the death of 30 insurgents

January 20, 2013   11:31 AM

Al-Nusra Front linked to al-Qaeda adopt the blasts of Edlib that happened before few days

January 20, 2013   9:59 AM

Al-Watan: wilderness operation is expected to be carried out by Syrian Army against insurgents in the sides of Muadamia of Damascus countryside

January 20, 2013   8:45 AM


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