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syria breaking news update december 6 2012


Damascus: the initial toll of a car bomb blast in Mezza 86 is one martyr and 20 injuries

December 6, 2012   7:26 PM

Damascus: a blast occurs near the Service parking in Mezza 86 of Madrasa area

December 6, 2012   6:42 PM

News say President Mursi has left the Presidential Palace in the time which he is expected to do a speech

December 6, 2012   6:33 PM

The Egyptian Minister of Justice: Mursi will make a speech on 6 o’clock of Cairo timing

December 6, 2012   5:14 PM

The Electricity manager in Edlib to Breaking News: the reason of power failure in some areas is the suspension of Aleppo line

December 6, 2012   5:14 PM

Lebanon: the death toll after clashes in Tripoli rises to 10

December 6, 2012   3:09 PM

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