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syria breaking news update december 28 2012


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Our correspondent quoting a military source: the Syrian Army announces Deir Ba’alba of Homs as a secure area

December 28, 2012   4:21 PM

Damascus countryside: Syrian Army Killed the leader in Free Army Militias Ibrahim al-Abd and other armed men in Yabroud

December 28, 2012   3:57 PM

Lebanon Army warns of the attempts of external security devices to recruit customers online

December 28, 2012   3:34 PM

Our reporter in Aleppo: Syrian Army takes control over Jbreen town, and goes forward al-Azizia

December 28, 2012   2:51 PM

Deir Ezzor: Syrian Army killed the leader of “al-Furkan” brigade Mohammad Aloush and other gunmen in al-Jbela

December 28, 2012   1:48 PM

Edlib countryside: two civilians were martyred in a suicidal blast of booby- trapped car in al-Ya’obia

December 28, 2012   1:22 PM

A closed source of Brahimi to al-Quds al-Arabi: he is optimistic of the success of his mission after visiting Damascus

December 28, 2012   12:48 PM

KSA: the security forces open fire on a protest demonstration, what resulted in the death of one citizen and the injury of 7 others in al-Qatef

December 28, 2012   11:30 AM

Foreign Minister of Russia: the discussions between Moscow and Washington and Brahimi about Syria will be after the New Year’s holiday

December 28, 2012   9:53 AM

Edlib: the leader of what is called martyrs’ battalion forefronts of Syria in al Zawia mountain

December 28, 2012   1:15 AM

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