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syria breaking news update december 24 2012


Damascus Countryside: Naser Kalsi, the leader of Ahfad al-Rasoul group, and 10 other gunmen have been killed in al-Buhdulia

December 24, 2012   8:58 PM

Hama: 41 gunmen have been killed when the Syrian Army interred to clear Ma’an town from the armed men

December 24, 2012   5:56 PM

Our correspondent in Hama: militants commit a massacre for 11 civilians in Ma’an town

December 24, 2012   5:55 PM

Russian Defence ministry: we did not send any forces or experts in the Air-defence field to Syria

December 24, 2012   5:30 PM

Deir Ezzor: an explosive charge blasts inside the school of Muhammad al-Darra, causing material damages only

December 24, 2012   4:57 PM

Raqqa: 20 militants, including Hussam al-Dweihi, have been killed in striking their den in Tal Abiad town

December 24, 2012   4:56 PM

Edlib Countryside the Syrian Army confronts an armed attack on Wadi al-Deif military location

December 24, 2012   4:15 PM

The Dollar rate of exchange according to the Black Market is 99.5 Syrian Pounds for selling and 98.5 for buying

December 24, 2012   2:58 PM

The Turkish embassy in Lebanon calls for its workers to be careful after the threatens by the abductees’ parents

December 24, 2012   2:40 PM

Russian Foreign Ministry: Brahimi may visit Moscow after Damascus to discuss the outlooks of the solution

December 24, 2012   2:23 PM

Our correspondent in Homs: Syrian Army initiates a great military operation against the gunmen in Deir-Ba’alba

December 24, 2012   10:41 AM

Al-Watan: Syrian Army takes control over Aleppo – al-Raka road till al-Dowerina village

December 24, 2012   9:01 AM

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